Helping the hair to relax and get rid of stress

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Evaluate tools for stacking for their safety. Plaits, rectifiers and hair dryers - all of them can become ruthless enemies for your hair, especially - thin. Excessive heat and chemical overload can weaken the hair, dry it, cause hair loss. Naturally, this leads to the fact that it breaks down, confuses. "Chemistry" can damage hair follicles and prevent normal healthy hair growth.

Replace the flatbed on the curler. Hot rollers are ideal for creating not only large wavy hair and curls, but also the volume at the roots, while the blades simply burn the ends. "In addition, curlers are not so hot, so they are much less harmful to thin or dry hair. "- says hairdresser Tommy Buckett, who looks after Selibri's hair in New York.

Coloring instead of coloring. "Tonality and depth, the game of shadows and the 3D effect - that's all the benefits that will make your hair look more dense," says colorist New York Kyle White. There are also funds with elements of luster that settle on the cuticle of the hair, which makes it visually thicker.

If you want to achieve the effect of lighting, ask your hairdresser about the possibility of using an oil-based illuminating agent, which can contain up to 70 percent of the oil, so it affects more softly and does not tarnish the hair. To prevent broken tips, regularly use air conditioning.

Helping the hair to relax and get rid of stress
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