Helping children with down syndrome: how to follow parents

A Harness Brings Hope To Parents Of Children With Down Syndrome. (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Statistics show that 1 child with Down syndrome is born in 800 healthy children. This pathology causes some lag in physical and mental development - it can not be prevented and can not be cured. But it is possible to help such a child to integrate into the society: because it is our help for children with Down syndrome that determines their future.

Down syndrome is not a disease but a genetic condition that causes some physical and mental deviations. Any kind of activity that easily develops a healthy child, "sunny children" is difficult. Parental help for children with Down syndrome is to create the necessary favorable microclimate, which will reveal the potential of the baby.

Today there is a huge amount of educational and developing methods, they can be mastered independently, and with the help of specialists, the main thing is: to understand that everything will be given with great difficulty, to prepare for it and to adjust itself to a positive state.

The main task of those nearby is to provide support to "sunny children", to teach them all possible skills and abilities, to help them adapt in society.

Help for children with Down syndrome: features of social integration

The presence of excess chromosomes provokes a deficit in the child's memory centers, which prevents him from using the experience that has been instilled on him by his parents and rehabilitation specialists. Therefore, it is so important to understand the importance of a thorough but continuous work. Help for children with Down syndrome is a complex, continuous process. If a child is born in a family, parents should understand what their mission is and what support they can give their baby. Parents can teach him:

Helping children with down syndrome: how to follow parents

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