The height of a person is directly related to her mental abilities

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The University of Edinburgh made an unexpected statement: people with little growth often have lowered IQs compared to highs. Scientists have discovered genes that affect both growth and intellectual development, reports The Indian Express.

The findings were made after the research of thousands of people. The level of their intelligence helped to determine tests on language ability, reaction rate and the ability to remember information. The DNA markers of approximately 6800 people, not related to each other, were also checked.

It turned out that in 70% of cases, the relationship of height and IQ could be explained by the genes. In the remaining 30% of cases, the whole case is external factors. Knowledge of the genetic causes of such a connection will help predict the possible development of human health problems.

Incidentally, before the experts found a connection between human growth and the risk of developing heart disease. It is known: the concentration of calcium in the coronary arteries may indicate how much blood vessels that are fed by the heart are sacrificed. This marker predicts the probability of future heart attacks. If calcification is noted, the chances of getting coronary heart disease increase by almost ten times.

And high people usually have less calcium deposits. That is, they have a lower risk of coronary heart disease. If one quarter of the highest people, one fourth of the lowest, whose data were analyzed by scientists, were compared, the risk of accumulation of sediments could be lower by 30% than the first.

Importantly, it worked for the representatives of both sexes.

The height of a person is directly related to her mental abilities
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