Diseases of the heart and their signs

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Statistics of diseases of the cardiovascular system, leading to a fatal outcome, grows with each passing year. Let's look at the main signs of heart disease and the causes of their occurrence.

The main causes of the signs of heart disease are the following:

  1. Rheumatic heart disease, based on viral or bacterial infections.
  2. Diseases of the heart, having syphilic nature. Syphilis affects the aortic arch wall and aortic valve, forming defects in the form of insufficiency.
  3. Atherosclerosis and elevated blood pressure lead to narrowing of arteries and deterioration of blood supply to organs, including the heart. The main causes of heart disease, having an atherosclerotic nature, are:
  • Aging of the organism;
  • Increased toxin sensitivity, such as tobacco, alcohol;
  • Life in a stressful, stressful mode, excessive loads;
  • High cholesterol.
  1. Congenital heart disease - a phenomenon quite common, usually found on prophylactic examinations in medical institutions.
  2. Functional heart disease is a disturbance of cardiac activity that does not lead to changes or diseases. The main causes of functional heart disease are:
  • Toxins and poisons that are in the body;
  • Nervous system excitement or depression;
  • Frequent and regular use of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol;
  • Various digestive disorders, constipation.

Symptoms of heart disease

The nature of the diseases of the cardiovascular system is different, but there are major signs of heart disease. Yes, the symptoms of heart disease are:

  • Shortness of breath even with little exercise or rest;
  • General weakness, low level of endurance;
  • Accelerated heartbeat;
  • Strangle dry cough;
  • Periodic accelerated and uneven breathing;
  • Attacks of strangulation, compressing pain in the chest;
  • A feeling of stupid pain in the liver or heart;
  • Swelling of the legs;
  • Restless sleep, insomnia.

Measures for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system

If any of the listed symptoms are regularly detected and cause discomfort, then a doctor-cardiologist needs advice to make the correct diagnosis. No self-healing, signs of heart disease are very serious!

The basis of the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system are the following measures:

  • Observance of the regime of the day, proper nutrition;
  • Abandonment of smoking, drinking alcohol;
  • Regular medical examinations;
  • Correct and full treatment during colds;
  • Regular exercise exercises

Thus, a healthy lifestyle, sport, proper nutrition is the basis for the prevention of heart disease. In addition, psychological comfort, calm and mental balance contribute to the preservation of the heart young, strong and healthy for many years.

Diseases of the heart and their signs
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