The heart can be broken due to the death of one of the spouses - scientists

You Actually Can Die From A Broken Heart! (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

It is often said that the loss of a husband or a partner "breaks down the heart" and now is a scientifically sound fact. "Our work clearly demonstrates that the risk of a heart attack or stroke doubles in the crucial 30-day period after the partner's death, because of the loss of his loved one," - Said co-author of the study Sunil Shah, a staff member of the Department of Public Health at the University of St. George in London.

It has long been known that heavy loss, grief is a serious risk factor for death. British scientists have suggested that grief has a direct negative effect on blood coagulation, blood pressure, the level of hormones of stress and violates the heart rhythm - factors associated with the health of the cardiovascular system. The lack of complete information on the relationship between grief and heart disease prompted Shah and his colleagues to explore thousands of medical stories that they took from a large British database of primary care.

The team of experts focused on information about 30,500 men and women from 60 to 89 years old, each of whom lost his partner between 2005 and 2012. They also looked at the 83600 men and women of the same age who did not lose a partner at that time. Researchers found that in the month after the partner's death, the risk of developing a heart attack or stroke was approximately twice the number of men and women in the first group, compared with people from the second group.

"We believe it is very important that doctors, friends and family know about the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes - so they could provide better care and support during periods of increased vulnerability after the loss of their loved one," the authors conclude, found another A strong proof of a "powerful connection between mind and body."

The heart can be broken due to the death of one of the spouses - scientists

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