Health tooth: why it should regularly visit a ​​dentist

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Cases where people last until the last visit to a dentist, and from preventive examinations refuse at all, are very often. Meanwhile, regular visits to the dentistry office play a huge role in preventing the diseases of the oral cavity.

According to numerous surveys in the category of people who avoid communication with the dentist, most of them dentistry scares the expectations of pain. In fact, modern medicine has many ways of pain-free treatment of teeth: from high-quality anesthetic drugs to high-tech equipment.

Another established myth is the lack of free time and money. This excuse is also unfounded. For preventive examination enough to visit a dentist twice a year, and the procedure itself will not take more than an hour. If you run the disease, then the treatment will be much longer and will be associated with considerable financial costs.

Tooth health: why do you need a prophylactic examination?

A lot of diseases of the oral cavity and teeth are much easier to be treated at the initial stage. Timely labeled symptoms allow the dentist to appoint the most effective treatment without bringing the disease to chronic form and complications, among which may be:

  • Problems with digestion;
  • General infection of the body;
  • Weakened immunity, etc.

Regular examinations are required even with the apparent full health of the teeth. During the scheduled visit, the dentist conducts preventive measures, taking into account the age of the patient, the characteristics of the climate of his place of residence and immunity, corrects mistakes in oral hygiene and gives recommendations for proper nutrition.

From an early childhood it is necessary to accustom a child not only to keep hygiene of the oral cavity independently, but to visit a dentist. Such visits help maintain the health of the teeth, correct the bite and position of the teeth and are very important psychologically.

The lack of planned reviews can lead to the fact that under the influence of pathological processes the tooth collapses, and to restore its integrity is not possible. Remains only removal and further prosthetics.

The doctor's actions during the inspection

  • During a visual inspection of the oral cavity, the dentist discovers signs of dental disease, and interviewing the patient, clarifying his complaints and history can make a complete picture.
  • When a dentist identifies certain areas on the teeth, where the enamel is narrowed and serves as a predictor of tooth decay, the doctor will propose the application of special treatment and prophylactic compositions on the teeth that will help to strengthen the teeth and help prevent further development of the disease.
  • High efficiency for the prevention of caries is sealing fissure - a procedure for filling grooves and grooves on the chewing surface of the tooth sealing composition.
  • With the help of ultrasonic cleaning or closed curettage procedure, a dental stone is removed, which is the cause of many diseases of the teeth and gums due to the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria under it.
  • If necessary, the procedure for enriching the fabric of the teeth with one or other of the trace elements: calcium, strengthens the teeth, and fluorine, which reduces the hypersensitivity of the enamel.

Health tooth: why it should regularly visit a ​​dentist

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