Healthy lifestyle: best stroke prevention

Health And Medical Video: Diet And Stroke Prevention - Dr. Mark Gloth (May 2019).


High blood pressure, stress, malnutrition are the main causes of a stroke.

Experts say that in about 80% of cases, a stroke can be warned if you take seriously the possibility of its occurrence.

Risk factors

  • One of the main risk factors is elevated blood pressure. In hypertension it is necessary to reduce consumption of fatty varieties of meat and salt.
  • If it is impossible to exclude stress, it is worth reducing their harmful effects to a minimum. There are many methods of autotraining that allow you to quickly get out of a state of stress.
  • Increased cholesterol in the blood provokes the appearance of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels. And "stuffed" vessels are a direct way to hypertension and somewhat longer - to a stroke.
  • Excess weight is an excessive load on the vessels. In addition, the almost mandatory companion of extra pounds is the same high cholesterol. And with increased cholesterol, and with excess weight, one way to fight - less fat, flour and sweet, more vegetables and fruits.
  • In a sedentary-lying way of life, slags from the body are practically not displayed. Moderate exercise is beneficial and relieves overweight.

Stroke prevention methods

Healthy lifestyle: best stroke prevention
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