Healthy lifestyle

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Under a healthy way of life, which guarantees the absence of diseases, it is commonly accepted to consider sports, hardening of the body, healthy eating, observance of the regime of the day. In other words, physical activity, which prevents illnesses of the XXI century, is associated with sedentary forms of labor activity. Partially healthy lifestyle involves the necessary physical exercise, but not limited to them. To feel healthy, people should at least not be ill.

Gymnastics and physical activity are not shown to persons who have a chronic pathology, since the flow of blood to the diseased organ does not always contribute to its healing. However, even in the presence of genetically determined pathology, people who lead a healthy lifestyle, have the right to consider themselves to be full members of society.

In addition to physical exercises, a healthy lifestyle involves a number of principles, the observance of which contributes to the prevention of diseases.

Components of a healthy lifestyle

The right concept of life includes the following concepts:

Organizing a healthy lifestyle

The life of not only a particular individual, but society as a whole is considered healthy under the following conditions:

  • Favorable physiological and social conditions for the conception and bearing of the child;

  • Lack of hereditary diseases and congenital pathologies;
  • Absence of alcohol and narcotic drugs;
  • Rational education and upbringing;
  • Active life position;
  • The desire to improve personal qualities, promote adaptation in society.

Proper organization of a healthy lifestyle depends not only on the personal qualities of a person, but also on the norms of social behavior. To develop positive qualities, it is necessary to minimize or exclude contacts with people who do not perceive a healthy lifestyle as a standard of behavior. In addition, it is necessary to be guided by the medical and biological and socio-psychological priorities that ensure the formation of a fully developed personality.

Healthy lifestyle factors

Lifestyle is determined by the system of thinking and human behavior, which are aimed at strengthening and maintaining health, ensuring high performance, normal growth and development. Medico-biological factors of a healthy way of life suggest:

  • Availability of personal hygiene skills;
  • Knowledge of the normal life of the organism;
  • Timely treatment to a hospital and the ability to provide pre-care and self-help in extreme conditions;
  • Implementation of doctor's recommendations and appointments;
  • Sufficient level of motor activity.

Healthy lifestyles include the following socio-economic principles:

  • Housing;
  • Favorable living and living conditions;
  • Sufficient wages;
  • Availability of medical care;
  • Ensuring decent retirement benefits.

The socio-psychological standards of a healthy lifestyle include the following priorities: Establishing a person for a long life; Readiness to create a family, the birth and upbringing of children; A healthy psychological microclimate in the family and in the work team; Sufficient cultural and educational level of personality development.

The problem of a healthy lifestyle affects not only a specific person, but is a public task that requires a systematic approach.

Healthy lifestyle
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