Headache: what to do

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Headache can be both a symptom of serious illness, and a consequence of stress, overwork, and taking alcoholic beverages.

What to do if your head is sore depends on the type and nature of the pain. If it is not related to serious illness, it is not accompanied by high temperature, vomiting, dizziness, then you can try to get rid of pain in your own strength. Otherwise, or with frequent headache attacks, you should consult your doctor.

How to prevent tension headaches

Most often there are headaches of tension, the symptoms of which can be eliminated on their own.

To prevent the development of headache attacks will help the following recommendations:

  • More often in the fresh air, ventilate the room you are in;
  • If you are busy with sedentary work, take breaks once per hour for 5 minutes, during which time you go or do some simple exercises;
  • Try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Do gymnastics for the cervical spine, at least simple circular movements of the neck and turns of the head;
  • In cold weather do not go without a headdress;
  • Give up alcohol and strong coffee;
  • Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

What to do if your head is sore

If you do not succeed in preventing headaches, measures should be taken to relieve the attack.

Headache: what to do
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