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Health And Medical Video: Tooth Restoration - Harvard Zirconcore Cement/Fiber Glass Post/Diode Laser (June 2019).


Harvard scientists have proven that using a low-power laser can repair damaged dental tissues.

According to developers, the new technology can help to grow healthy teeth after complete destruction.

The method of restoration of teeth with the help of a new generation laser was first successfully tested on the teeth of rodents. A low-power laser stimulates the growth of dentin. This solid, dense light yellow substance forms the bulk of the tooth and determines its shape.

Thus, experts do not doubt that in the future, the technique can be tested on human teeth.

At the moment there is no such dental equipment, which will allow the re-growth of completely destroyed teeth.

Modern equipment allows physicians to replace injured dentin with synthetic material filled with root canal.

The laser will help to abandon the use of painful treatments for patients.

The study of the laser lasts, a low-power laser is already used to stimulate the growth of hair and skin cells. Experts are confident that the laser can be used to grow stem cells that form dentin.

Harvard, tooth restoration, medicine
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