The harmfulness of the microwave and 10 reasons to throw it away immediately

No, Your Microwave Isn'T Dangerous - Food Myths #1 (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

As we know, microwave transforms food into a dead unwanted product, which will not only bring benefits to the body, but also can seriously harm. Even the fact of the death of a patient from Canada, which the nurse has overheated the microwaved blood, is known, and then he died. Also, students in one of the Russian schools were given the task of watering two domestic plants with ordinary boiled water and warmed up in the microwave oven, the result struck even the teachers - a flower that was watered with water from the microwave, faded literally in a day.

10 reasons to say goodbye to the microwave immediately:

1. If you constantly eat food cooked or warmed up in a microwave oven, then there are irreversible changes in the brain.

2. The human body does not accept food from the microwave and does not extract from it the useful substances, but simply deduces everything from an organism.

3. At constant use of food from the microwave in the body cease to stand out hormones or their development is disturbed.

4. When using products from a microwave oven, we condemn ourselves to irreversible harmful health-related effects.

5. All useful substances and trace elements contained in food products, after heat treatment in the microwave, are lost or altered to such an extent that the organism does not recognize them.

6. Vitamins contained in vegetables, the microwave can transform into carcinogenic free radicals.

7. Food from microwaves provokes the development of cancer cells in the stomach and intestines.

8. In the lymph glands there are changes due to the use of food cooked in the microwave, which can lead to a violation of processes and weakening of the immune system.

9. Blood cancer is more common in those people who regularly use a microwave oven.

10. Scientists have already proven that people who cook food in the microwave suffer from a deterioration of memory and a decrease in the level of intelligence.

The harmfulness of the microwave and 10 reasons to throw it away immediately

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