Harmful food in fast food

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The concept of fast food or "fast food" includes the use of fast food foods that are usually offered by specialized institutions. Currently, they are very much around the world and they are in great demand. What kind of food is better, everyone has to decide for himself.

Even in ancient Rome there were fast food establishments. In any city in the markets and squares worked various snack bars, where you could eat fast and tight. Originally in China, hot snacks were also offered on the markets. She was a prototype of the current instant noodle. In Ukraine, various pies and pancakes were popular at fairs. In the east, various kinds of cakes are still in demand.

In full force, the fast food industry began to develop in the 20 years of the last century in America. In Canada, White Castle began its activities in 1921. She created the world-famous hamburgers. Buyers are interested in a new fast-food product with its unusual look and, of course, at a price of 5 cents. There was no doubt about consumers about product safety.

By the end of the 40's, White Castle has seen quite a few competitors, of which McDonald's became the most serious. Currently, McDonalds has an incredibly huge network of fast food restaurants in 119 countries.

Recently, in Ukraine, 70% of the population have visited numerous fast food restaurants. This is especially true of large cities. They have become the most visited institutions and are more visited by young people. Out of 10 polled city residents, fast food restaurants were regularly visited during the year. And is it good?

It's a pity from fast food feeds

The fact that bad nutrition leads to various diseases is known by everyone. In the network fastfood, various half-foods are widely used. They, like in other products of "factory" production, contain a large number of various chemical additives used in the food industry. This is the main disadvantage of nutrition.

Referring to the New York Psychiatric Institute, the RBC edition reports that fast food in fast food restaurants has a negative impact on the human nervous system. Products rich in sugars and saturated fats, various flavors, rashes and dyes, damage the structure of the brain. The pity of food in this case is obvious - the mechanisms of inflammatory processes are triggered.

Potato chips, biscuits, crackers contain fatty acid transysomers. Their number reaches 50%. Many dishes are prepared using margarine containing hydrogenetic fat. How can all this be considered a full-fledged food, if it violates immunity, increases the risk of developing diabetes mellitus, oncological diseases, and decreases the level of testosterone in men?

Fans of fast food fall into the number of people suffering from coronary heart disease, and many die from myocardial infarction. Breast cancer is found on 40% more in women who prefer not a full diet, but a fast food.

All fast food products have a high caloric content. Each sandwich by the number of calories is equal to a full dinner. Therefore, among fans of fast food is a large number of people with excess body weight. Eating only in such restaurants, you can come to obesity in a few months.

Many people are driving a sedentary lifestyle in their work. The pity of food is the rate of food intake, literally on the go. The body can not understand in 10 minutes that it is saturated. Particularly negatively affected by fast food on the growing body. What kind of nutrition is better for teens, should be solved by parents, but not their children.

Lately, it has become so obvious that Fastfood is a bad food that causes irreparable harm to health, campaigns for healthy eating and boycotting fast food restaurants and cafes.

Harmful food in fast food
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