Gymnastics with back pain

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Among the various pain syndromes, back pain is leading. Many people experience not only physical suffering, but also serious social problems, as they lose their ability to work.

How to relieve back pain? First-line drugs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In the first stage, it is necessary to take the drugs with the most pain-reducing effect (diclofenac, voltaren, ketonal), and then - with the highest anti-inflammatory effect (nimesulide, meloxicam, celecoxib).

Therapeutic gymnastics with back pain can accelerate the outcome, it can also be used to prevent exacerbations. The main task of medical exercises - improving blood circulation in the vertebral column, strengthening the muscles of the back, creating a strong "muscular corset". Starting a lesson follows from the simplest movements. To avoid injuries during classes, increase the amplitude of movements gradually and do not force the LOAD.

If you pursue pain in the neck and back, you can perform a small set of exercises for the thoracic and cervical spine:

  1. Initial position (id): sitting on the heels, the upper part of the trunk is tilted forward, his forehead is pressed against the floor, hands on the floor next to the hips. Execution: to pull out the arms through the sides as far forward as possible, while the pelvis remains pressed to the heel. Make 2-3 cycles of breath, turn your head sideways and lower it to the floor, lift the pelvis. Turn the head and pelvis into its original position, rely on the forehead again. Turn your arms back to its original position.
  2. Ip - On the knees, the upper part of the body, with arms extended upwards inclined and lowered forward, on the floor, the basin is located right above the heels. Exercise: Reverse the chest right and left in turn. The pelvis and hands remain in the middle, in place.
  3. Ip - In a sitting sitting in Turkish, palms of hands on the tower, elbows unfolded to the sides, a little bend over. Execution: Tilt the head and neck forward, elbows are still in the sides. Hold in this position for 8-10 cycles of breathing, leaving the back in its original position.
  4. Ip - Lying on the back, hands on the back, elbows to the sides. The legs are bent at an obtuse angle. Execution: send the elbows up, pulling the chin up to the neck, slightly lifting his head with the help of hands. Linger in this position for 8-10 cycles of breathing. Slowly return to lying position.
  5. Initial position (ip): Lying on the back, legs bent beneath the dull angle, the foot rests on the floor. Execution: To lower the lower part of the sacrum area to the floor, then raise the pelvis. Keep this position within 2-3 cycles of breathing. Return to yp Repeat 5-10 times.
  6. Ip - Lying on your back, lifting your legs and bending in your lap, grasping your knees with your hands. Exercise: bend your hands, push your knees to the chest, lightly release and pull your knees again. Focus on pulling out the sacrum area.

If you have back pain, you can use a small set of exercises for the lumbar and sacral spine:

Ip - Lying on the back, the foot of one leg lying on the other's knee, the arm lying on the knee of the curved opposite leg. Execution: pull the knee in the direction towards the floor from the opposite leg, and the head at this time turn in the opposite direction. Both shoulders pressed to the floor. Hold in this position for several breathing cycles, while trying to relax completely. This golden twisting exercise helps to remove the pain and strengthens the spine.

Gymnastics with back pain
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