Inflammation of the gums in children: what to do

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Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that is exposed to both adults and children. Gingivitis can develop for various reasons.

The main reason why children are prone to gingivitis is the lack of immunity in the oral cavity. Its formation starts up to seven years and ends in the period of puberty. Therefore, the oral cavity of children must be carefully monitored: regularly go to the dentist and pay due attention to proper hygiene.


Ideally, it is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal, but due to different circumstances, this is not always possible. This is especially difficult for children, who have toothbrushing and once a day - a real punishment.

However, insufficient care of the teeth and oral cavity is the most common cause of inflammation of the gums in children. The accumulated bacteria damage the baby's gum. Subsequently, the plaque turns into a dental stone, and the situation worsens.

Caries, reduced immunity, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, gum trauma, taking some medications and hormonal cysts in the body - all of this can greatly contribute to the development of gingivitis.


With acute gingivitis, redness of the gums, swelling and bleeding, fever and bad breath are observed. Acute inflammation causes pain and the baby may refuse to brush her teeth. It may be accompanied by the appearance of small ulcers.


It is important when the first symptoms of inflammation begin to begin treatment, as otherwise there may be a number of complications and develop more serious disease - periodontitis.

Chronic gingivitis may be accompanied by gum enlargement, which may further cover part of the tooth cervix or entire tooth completely.

The sooner the treatment begins, the less it takes time and effort. The dentist will review the oral cavity and identify the cause of inflammation. Then remove the plaque and disinfect.

Perhaps the dentist will appoint different mouthwashes. This may be a solution of soda or salt, hydrogen peroxide or decoction of oak bark, and others.

In order to prevent the development of gingivitis, you need to change the toothbrush on time, teach the child to use dental floss, buy a good toothpaste and monitor the general health and immune system.

Inflammation of the gums in children: what to do
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