Green tea raises the mood

Health And Medical Video: Green Tea Side Effects - Must Watch This Before Taking Green Tea (January 2019).


Researchers at the University of Soinbern studied L-tianine - a combination of green tea. They found: a drink of the neuro BLISS, containing a lot of L-tianin, lowers cortisol levels (stress hormones) in healthy young people. Specialists made magnetocellography volunteers.

The study showed that in the brain of the participants after the consumption of the drink began to dominate alpha rhythm. It corresponds to a state of calm wakefulness. That is, volunteers' stress levels have dropped significantly.

Other products, such as blueberries, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, are also being saved from stress. Another anti-stress product is milk. It is well used as an additional source of energy. And almonds are rich in vitamins B2 and E. They allow to strengthen the immune system that can detect excessive activity during stress.

Green tea raises the mood
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