Gray dermatitis

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The skin has a colossal amount of functions - more than any other organ of the body. The skin reduces mechanical impact, prevents chemical factors, protects against UV, serves as an effective barrier for bacteria, electromagnetic waves, performs bactericidal functions.

But if the skin has not yet been fully formed, it does not have enough moisture, if weakened immunity or temperature regulation is violated, its ability to protect is significantly reduced. This moment - the most convenient for the development of such a disease as varicella dermatitis.

What is it - varicella dermatitis?

Painful dermatitis is called inflammation of the skin, which due to various reasons is observed in the groin, buttocks, and rarely - the back. Underestimation of this seemingly harmless disease is threatening serious health consequences. Among the pathologies that can cause dermatitis, a violation of the nervous system, a disorder of vascular regulation, infection with dangerous viral infections. Treatment of the disease should begin immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms.

Signs of the disease are found in places of skin contact with diapers, clothes or a diaper. Usually the course of the disease begins with a slight defect of the skin directly in the genital area. In the absence of proper skin care, the disease develops, becoming more and more expressive and difficult.

The severity of the pathology varies from mild to extensive and deep skin lesions. As the size of the diaper dermatitis increases, the area and depth of skin disturbance increase.

In total, there are three degrees of severity of diaper dermatitis.

At an early stage, the buckler looks like a bright red spot with heterogeneous edges. With further development, the affected area is peeling, covered with pustules, ulcers, sulfur or yellow crust, swelling occurs, there is a risk of infection with staphylococcus and streptococcus. The rash is abundant and delivers great discomfort, disturbed sleep, appetite, functions of the nervous system.

There is a feeling of itching and burning. The course of a severe form of the disease is often accompanied by an increase in body temperature, which indicates the accession to the disease of the infectious factor.

Why Does Vaginal Dermatitis Occur?

The most risk of dermatitis is children of the first year of life, but under certain conditions this unpleasant illness can develop, including in an adult. Prerequisites for the development of pathology can serve as a single circumstance, and a set of a number of factors:

  • Violation of thermoregulation. An excessive warming of the body may become a stimulus to the appearance of diaper dermatitis. The amount of clothing makes the body overheat, but deprives the ability of heat exchange with the surrounding microclimate. Irritation of skin in such conditions is inevitable.
  • Physical effect. Friction caused by wearing narrow lingerie, diapers or diapers from rough tissue causes primary damage to the skin in contact areas - in the inguinal area, under the buttocks, on the abdomen or back. Injured skin is an impulse to the development of dermatitis.
  • Chemical impact. Using cheap or inappropriate hygiene products for skin care can reduce the protective functions of the covers. Especially in the risk area are children of early age, whose skin is characterized by increased permeability. A similar effect of inflammation can cause the material of diapers, diapers, clothes, natural defecation of the body.
  • Influence of microorganisms. The cause of skin irritation may be the activity of certain types of microbes. Getting on the skin, bacteria provoke the development of inflammation and reduce disease if this time the skin was already impressed. The greatest danger for the organism groups are fungi Candida, which says the presence of white patches on the affected areas, streptococcus and staphylococcus.
  • Individual features. Often, a person is prone to the development of pathology at the level of individual characteristics of the organism. Genetic structure, hiperchuvstitelnost skin, a weak immune system, the concentration of excess ammonia in the urine, fecal enzymes aggressive background dietary habits, frequent diarrhea, violations of water-salt metabolism - the probability of diaper dermatitis strengthens each of these factors.
  • Incorrect hygiene. Body care should be balanced and harmonious - careful, but without extremes. The reason for the development of pathology may be too late to change diapers, too frequent contact with water, the frequent use of soap, putting on a clean diaper, without waiting for the complete drying of the skin.
  • Food. The used products form the composition of urine and feces. If the food consists of large numbers of protein foods and fresh juices, feces, becoming more aggressive, causing danger to the integrity of the skin. The common cause of diaper dermatitis in infants is the change in the mixture or the administration of supplemental foods.

Admission of antibiotics, changes in weather conditions, and infections lead to complications of the disease.

Treatment of diaper dermatitis

The fight against inflammation of the skin is based on two fundamental rules - proper hygiene and control of compliance with normal heat transfer. Required:

  • Use suitable diapers. Diapers should be made of high quality hypoallergenic material, have a good suction layer and fit in size. It is equally important to pay attention to the correct fixing of the diaper on the body. Excessive tightening of the diaper will cause skin rubbing.
  • Follow the timely change of diaper and body hygiene. Changing the diaper is required at least eight times a day and more often if it is quickly overflowing. After the bowel movement, the diaper is replaced immediately, after cleansing the skin with warm boiled water and baby's soap. Especially carefully the skin is washed in places of folds. It is not desirable to use damp cloths.
  • Use high-quality clothes for washing clothes. Soap, washing powder, air conditioner should be hypoallergenic.
  • Exclude any rude skin contact. Diapers, clothes, towels should be soft, and movements when wiped are careful.
  • Refuse powder. Powder, which contains talcum, may be more harmful than good. The best harmless alternative to pouring - regular airing of the skin.

With more complex forms of diaper dermatitis, the following measures are added to the application of special protective creams and ointments, which can also be used as a preventive measure. Creams and ointments against diaper dermatitis differ in the content of zinc, acting as an effective barrier between the body and aggressive external factors, provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects.

An effective way to fight pathology and its prophylaxis are decoctions of some herbs. Chamomile, herd, celandine, calendula, added to the water while bathing in the form of decoction, not only quickly removes irritation, but also contribute to the accelerated recovery of damaged skin.

In the detection of fungal infection, additional antifungal agents are prescribed. Grape dermatitis, accompanied by staphylococcal or streptococcal infection, is treated with the use of antibiotics. Deep skin lesions may require the use of hormonal drugs.

In most cases, with proper care, the varicose veins go away without complications.

You need to go to a doctor if, despite all the efforts:

- Rash does not become less intense after three days of treatment; - the pathology is accompanied by fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea; - Bouts and ulcers are formed.

It is extremely important not to start the illness. Gray dermatitis is one of those pathologies that occurs rapidly, but is treated for a long time.

Gray dermatitis
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