Grasses gastriti: folk recipes

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Unlike synthesized pharmaceuticals produced by the pharmaceutical industry, natural medicines have a mild, natural mechanism of action on the diseased organism. In the period of exacerbation of chronic gastritis, herbs are usually used as an auxiliary agent in combination with medications, and in the period of stable remission, this can be an independent and only way of therapy.

During exacerbation phytotherapists are advised to use integrated phytopreparations (fitosbori), and in the remission period one-component phytopreparations can be used.

Grasses for gastritis for monopreparations

For the preparation of monopreparats in chronic gastritis, you can use:

  • Grass of the common tree, dog nettle of pyatilopastnogo, fragrant ruth, plain mint, nettle of burning and two-edged, peppermint, narrow-necked peppermint, three-wheeled shrimp, vjazolistnaya tawolosnaya, medicinal sage, dry marsh, mulicea, chives medicinal;
  • Fruits (seeds) of flaxseed, cumin, anise, hips, grass, plantain;
  • Rhizomes of marsh aire, sycamore diaper, valerian medicinal licorice naked, mistletoe of snake, pectoral erect (kalgan);
  • Flowers of linden, chamomile of pharmacy, calendula of medicinal, stem elastic cow;
  • The leaves of the cuff are normal, mother-and-stepmother, peppermint, peeled off.

Broths of integrated phytobarb

They are used during the period of exacerbation and calming of the disease (an average of 1-2 months). To do this, it is necessary to mix the following dried and crushed components in equal proportions:

  • medicinal herb yarrow, celandine, Hypericum perforatum, rhizomes snake mountaineer, peppermint leaves and watch trifoliate, flowers chamomile and linden;
  • herb nettle, balm, tsetraryy Icelandic, caraway and anise fruits, flowers, Calendula officinalis, mullein skypetrovydnoho and lime, angelica Siberian rhizome;
  • Grass grasshopper pyatilopastnogo, medicinal sage, hazelnuts, a letter of medicine, ordinary mantle, the roots of urban gravel, leaves mother and stepmother;
  • grass Knotweed (knotweed) cudweed marsh, hyssop officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia, Marrubium vulgare, plantain leaves, roots and tubers calamus marsh orchids;
  • medicinal grass clover, wild strawberries, shepherd's purse, leaves mother and stepmother, plantain lanceolate, cuff routine, chamomile flower fireweed narrow rhizome erect cinquefoil and sweet, gray alder stems and cumin seeds;
  • The grass of the golden shepherd of the ordinary, the shepherd's bag, the tawolgy of the vjazolistnoy, the buds of the plush, redness of the narrow-leaved, the white willow bark, the seeds of flax and cumin, the rhizomes of the marsh aire, the leaves of the cuff of the ordinary and the three-wheeled watch, the rhizome of licorice bare and mullet;
  • Calluna grass, sage Dubrovnik, Hypericum perforatum, peppermint, nettle stinging, yarrow, rose hips, and caraway seeds, rhizomes snake mountaineer, Potentilla erect.

The collected collection is mixed, take 2 tablespoons of the mixture, pour 400 ml of boiling water and stand in a slightly boiling water bath for 20-25 minutes. After that 2-3 hours are allowed to infuse, they are filtered and taken during the day in three to four meals half an hour before eating.

Also, an effective intake of freshly squeezed juice from potatoes, cabbage, flaxseed, aloe leaves is effective.

But before starting phytotherapy, it is advisable to consult a physician and/or phytotherapist.

Grasses gastriti: folk recipes
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