Breast fracture: symptoms & treatments

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According to traumatologists, fractures of the jaw make up from 50 to 65% of all fractures of the bones of the face. In the vast majority of cases, the lower, mobile jaw breaks.

One of the most unpleasant, dangerous and painful personal injuries - fracture of the jaw (partial or complete violation of the integrity of the jaw bones) - is most common in accidents, fights, industrial injuries, as well as in contact and traumatic sports: football, hockey, boxing. Less frequent fracture of the jaw may occur as a complication of another disease (poliomyelitis, large cyst).

Types of fractures of the lower jaw

  • Complete fracture (occurs with displacement of jaw fragments).
  • Incomplete fracture (no displacement of debris).
  • An open fracture (violation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and rupture of soft facial tissues).
  • Closed fracture (when the fracture site remains closed with soft tissues).

Also fractures can be single, double and multiple.

Symptoms of jaw fracture

For fracture of the jaws is characterized by:

  • Severe pain;
  • Bite violation;
  • Bleeding from the nose and mouth;
  • Numbness of the chin;
  • Difficulty in swallowing;
  • Dichotomy in the eyes (with a fracture of the upper jaw).

First aid for fracture of the jaw

To provide first aid to the victim during fracture of the jaw requires:

Breast fracture: symptoms & treatments

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