Gouty arthritis: what is it

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Due to the changing nature of the nutrition of modern humans, doctors are increasingly encountered with gouty arthritis. But gouty arthritis can be quite warned, knowing about the peculiarities of its development.

Gouty arthritis - a disease of the joints that occurs when the urinary acid metabolism is disturbed in the body. In this case, its crystals are deposited in the joints and tendons, in the kidneys and other tissues, causing their inflammation and violation of the structure.

More than 90% of cases of gout occurs in men aged 35-60, and in women - after 55-60 years.

Gouty Arthritis: Causes

Found that podagrichesky arthritis is associated with a violation of metabolism in the body, and consumed by excess meat food only complicates the course of the disease, and is not the direct cause of its occurrence.

Factors of gouty arthritis are:

Gouty arthritis: what is it
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