Gilbert syndrome and dna diagnosis

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DNA-diagnosis of Gilbert's syndrome will help those who want to find out a detailed picture of genetic abnormalities.

One can long list the deviations in which the DNA analysis can be the starting point for effective treatment. Modern possibilities of science are endlessly expanding. They help to put the exact diagnoses that help to find out the etymology of the disease at the DNA level. The DNA-diagnosis of Gilbert's syndrome reveals abnormal changes, examines them and helps to determine the exact diagnosis.

A simple villager does not realize that there are a number of genetic diseases that are very similar to the symptoms, the course of the disease and the manifestation of characteristic features. Here, for example, Gilbert's syndromes, Cryglerar Nayyar, Davinj's Johnson, and Rotor, all viral hepatitis and hemolytic jaundice begin to flow almost equally. The patient feels discomfort in the right hypochondrium, his appetite disappears, he quickly tired, becomes annoying, sluggish, indifferent to the surrounding life. In many cases, there is a bright yellow coloration of the white ocular skin. Man understands that he was ill with jaundice. But what exactly?

The answer to this question can not even be experienced physician, so he prescribes the conduct of certain tests, among which will necessarily be DNA-diagnosis of the syndrome Gilbert Cryglerar Nayyar, DabiniahJohnson, Rotor. These types of diseases diagnose the DNA without error, so a specialist can help the patient to quickly return to full-fledged life.

Where it is possible to conduct a DNA-diagnosis of Gilbert's syndrome

The presence of a definite disease may indicate the onset of mutation of the UGT1A1 gene involved in the metabolism of bilirubin. As a result of this anomaly there is a slight increase in blood, which causes the characteristic symptoms of jaundice.

But in order to be completely confident in the diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct a complex study, such as DNA-diagnostics. Gilbert's syndrome with her is determined with 100% accuracy. This method is safe, painless, fast and reliable. With his help, the frequency of repeats in the promoter region of the designated gene is determined. This diagnosis is recommended before the start of treatment, before the use of medicines with hepatotoxic effects.

DNA-diagnostics, which determines the presence of Gilbert's syndrome, is carried out in specialized centers. The results are ready for the third day, so you can start treatment very quickly.

Procedure for conducting DNA-diagnosis of Gilbert's syndrome

To conduct a DNA diagnosis that can detect mechanical jaundice (Gilbert's syndrome), it is necessary to get a referral from the geneticist, who will make a cover letter, which must necessarily be indicated:

  • Passport data of the patient;
  • The address at which the conclusion should be sent;
  • Enclosed copy of paid receipt.

The cost of the analysis is indicated in the price list, which defines the services of the specialized center.

DNA analysis on mechanical jaundice reveals conjugated hyperbilirubinemia, which is a direct proof of the presence of Gilbert's syndrome.

Gilbert syndrome and dna diagnosis
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