German diet: slow but effective way to lose weight

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The German diet is known for its seven-week duration and an excellent result that can be boasted by all who have experienced it.

This diet will appeal to a person who is difficult to limit himself in food, because there are few prohibitions in it.

Moreover, this diet involves eliminating hypodermic fat, and not eliminating excess water from the body, which will lead to natural weight loss and long-term preservation of the result, that is, thrown pounds will not turn back, as it happens with other diets.

German diet menu, designed for 7 weeks: 1st week. Monday is a drinking day, it is allowed to drink only water up to three liters. From Tuesday to Sunday, you can eat as before, but have dinner no later than 19:00.

2nd week. On Monday you need to sit on one water again, and on Tuesday you can eat about two kilograms of citrus fruit a day. From Wednesday to Sunday inclusive you can eat everything in a row.

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3rd week The menu for Monday and Tuesday is repeated on the principle of the second week, but on Wednesday, you can eat 1.5-2 kg of green apples. From Thursday to Sunday, you can eat everything you eat to eat.

4th week. Repeat the menu for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from the third week. On Thursday, you need to arrange a discharge drink day, you can drink any drinks and water without sugar. From Friday to Sunday it is allowed to eat everything, but you will not have a special appetite, so you will not overeat.

German diet: slow but effective way to lose weight

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