Gastritis with high acidity: symptoms

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Gastritis with high acidity is an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane of the stomach, which disturbs the normal secretion of gastric juice with the release of hydrochloric acid. Increased acid formation leads to the appearance of such symptoms of the disease.

Giperatsidnym (with high acidity) gastritis is not seasonal in nature and occurs four times more often than hypoacid. It can occur both in acute and chronic form.

In case of initial symptoms of gastritis with high acidity it is necessary to consult a physician. In difficult cases, inpatient care may be required. In the absence of proper treatment and adherence to a special diet, an acute form of gastritis may become chronic, dangerous for its complications.

The consequence of chronic giperatsidnogo gastritis may be the development of peptic ulcer disease, increased risk of gastric bleeding and the development of stomach cancer.

Causes of gastritis with high acidity

  • Regular breaks in diet
  • The use of mainly acute, hot, coarse food
  • Bad chewing of food, food in a damp place
  • Prolonged uncontrolled administration of drugs that have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach
  • Influence of harmful substances as a result of professional activity (compounds of lead, coal, metal dust, etc.)
  • Intoxication with infectious diseases
  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Infection with Helicobacter pylori

Symptoms of gastritis with high acidity

In the clinical picture of gastritis with high acidity, the so-called hunger pains come to the fore. Painful feelings of burning nature appear in the upper right side of the abdomen at night, at night, or shortly after eating.

Among the symptoms of gastritis with high acidity are the severity and swelling of the abdomen, breathless air with an unpleasant odor, caused by the deterioration of the stomach motility and the accumulation of fermentation products in it.

With hyperacid gastritis, increased acidity of gastric juice irritates the walls of the stomach, causing their reflex contraction. In connection with this, symptoms of gastritis with high acidity are associated with heartburn and vomiting. Vaginal masses are characterized by a high degree of acidity and bitterness.

Speech with giperatsidnogo gastritis is a bright red color with a gray bloom in the center.

When gastritis, the function of the intestine decreases, which leads to frequent constipation.

As a rule, the appetite for gastritis remains the same or may increase.

With the progression of the disease, there are symptoms such as irritability, worsening of sleep, decreased ability to work, sweating.

Gastritis with high acidity: symptoms
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