Gastrita soup: features of cooking & recipes

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The first dish is especially important for eating a patient with gastritis - if properly cooked, it will help cope with the disease.

Why is gastric soup?

Gastritis, or inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, makes you look at your diet in favor of a diet, with the obligatory use of soup for lunch. The broth helps the stomach prepare for digestion of food, stimulates the release of gastric juice.

But, of course, like any dish for a patient with gastritis, the soup should be low-fat, not greasy, not very hot or, conversely, cold, without digestion.

What is your gastritis acidity

Before proceeding to study the recipes of soups during gastritis, it is necessary to take into account that at different levels of secretion of hydrochloric acid there are features of cooking.

  • With high and normal acidity it is necessary to eat boiled and stewed products with maximum grinding. Mashed vegetable soup (carrot, cauliflower, potatoes, beets, pumpkin, zucchini), with chicken or lean beef, is perfectly suited. Good also soups with the addition of groats (rice) or vermicelli. As refueling, butter, yolk or sour cream are suitable. Ready to dine is better to cool down to 40-50 degrees.

But here are the herbs, pickles and other sour sours, as well as the richness of the first dishes with thick concentrated broths - under the prohibition.

Gastrita soup: features of cooking & recipes
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