Gastric ulcer: causes of the disease and the first symptoms

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Gastric ulcer - an inflammatory process on the mucous membrane of the stomach caused by the activity of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which lives in the gastrointestinal tract. It would seem that why this bacterium corrodes the walls of the stomach?

The point is that the reasons that will be described below will result in a higher concentration of the above bacteria accumulated at the most vulnerable place where the mucous membrane is not protected and easily damaged.

What causes the appearance of stomach ulcers?

1 Non-compliance with the day's regime And nights can lead to ulcers, especially when the person is constantly on the legs, gets tired and absolutely does not rest.

2 Improper nutrition, In which a person sees his disappointment, can actually lead to diseases such as ulcers or gastritis. The nutrition of a person must be complete and balanced, he must receive the necessary vitamins and minerals every day.

3 Bad Habits, Especially smoking in the morning on a hungry stomach and even with a cup of coffee will not bring anything good.

4 Famine. Long-lasting hunger is highly undesirable for the health of the stomach, because gastric juice is produced and if it is not sent to the right channel, then simply saying the stomach begins to eat itself with gastric juice. Hence, there are problems and diseases.

5 Use of alcoholic beverages On a permanent basis sooner or later lead to ulcers, a person who regularly drinks with his own hands makes the stomach weak and prone to the risk of being damaged by poisonous substances from alcohol.

The first symptoms of stomach ulcers that should alert you:

1. Chronic fever may indicate an existing stomach ulcer. If you suffer from heartburn for several days, be sure to contact your doctor, otherwise you can start the illness and enhance the general picture of the disease, waiting for complications.

2. Pain in the upper abdomen under the breast, giving in back. Sometimes the pain can become completely intolerable, which can only be cured with the help of analgesics.

3. Persistent hunger. Even if a person has just recently eaten, he may feel hunger and go back to the fridge again to eat.

Gastric ulcer: causes of the disease and the first symptoms
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