Gardnerellosis: general facts

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Gardnerellosis is a disease in which the number of bacteria of the genus Gardnerella increases in the human body.

When scientists first discovered the gardnerel, they declared them a new sex infection. In the course of further research it became clear that a small number of gardnerelles in the woman's vagina is a normal phenomenon. For this reason, gardnerellosis does not refer to sexually transmitted diseases.

Such contradictions have become the reason that so far doctors do not have a common opinion whether to treat gardnereliosis. There are diametrically opposed thoughts:

  • Not need to be treated even with exacerbation;
  • It is necessary to treat all partners even in the absence of symptoms, as well as in negative analyzes.

How the disease develops

Normally, the amount of gardnerles in the body of a healthy woman is so insignificant that no analysis of them is detected, even the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method. Gardnerelles are part of a normal microflora. In addition to them in the woman's vagina are other bacteria.

An increase in the number of gardnerellae is almost always associated with a decrease in the number of other bacteria. A large number of gardneres can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina, cervix and transmitted to its sexual partner.

The increase in the number of these bacteria can occur for various reasons: reduced immunity, changes in the hormonal background (puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, abortion), changes in food, climate and much more.

Manifestations of gardnerellosis

Gardnerellae may not have specific symptoms. With massive gardnerelleza, abundant vaginal discharge appears: transparent, white, yellow or green.

With the further development of inflammation, there is a thread, burning or itching in the genital organs, pain and dryness during intercourse. For gardnerelleza characteristic unpleasant smell from the genital tract (the smell of stale fish).

The disease rarely goes beyond these manifestations. However, a very large amount of gardnerel reduces the immunity of the pelvic organs, contributes to the development of adnexitis and endometritis. In the light of this, although the gardnerlias are relatively safe for the body, one can not leave them unattended.

Gardnerellosis: general facts

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