Galactocel: breast cyst

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Galactocel - a cyst of the mammary gland. The content of such a cyst is the changed milk, and the walls are the slide cells.

The primary cause of galactocell is a disturbance of milk outflow from the lobe of the gland as a result of clogging or inflammation. Often, galactocele occurs due to lactation or after the termination of breastfeeding, but rarely may occur in other periods (pregnancy) and even in men.

In essence, galactocel is a full and overlapping lobe of the mammary gland. When excited outflow, the cells continue to produce milk, which, accumulated, is tested through the gland tissue as a tumor.

Violation of the outflow of milk from the lobe can occur due to insignificant inflammation of the milk duct, but most researchers tend to the ducts clogged with whole milk. According to the mechanism of origin galactoceles is similar to a dermal cyst (atheroma) in which the content consists of the product of the sebaceous glands, and the walls of the cyst - the slide cells.

Galactocele diagnosis

Galktotsele is simply diagnosed. Breast cyst is soft-elastic to the touch, mobile, regular round form, painless.

A slight pain may occur in patients with a significant increase in the cyst, due to the extension of tissues and compression of adjacent healthy parts.

With ultrasound, you can detect fluid formation of non-inflammatory nature, but ultrasound of the mammary gland during the feeding period is complicated by hypertrophy of all the glandular lobes that may surround the cyst.

With a puncture of education, a cream-like liquid yellow-green color. Since cyst content is a changed milk, microflora is usually absent in it. But it is an excellent nutrient for conditionally pathogenic microflora (staphylococcus, streptococcus), therefore the most widespread complication of galactocell - abscess of the mammary gland, mastitis.

If you find this tumor-like formation during breastfeeding or a few months after, you should always consult a mumologist. Despite the high probability of galactocel, there is a danger of ignoring breast cancer.

Treatment of galactocel

When confirmed galaktocele feeding does not stop. Treatment methods can be divided into punctate and radical.

Very often you can find numerous offers of commercial clinics for the treatment of cyst nematodes without cuts. This attractive proposition usually means puncture of cysts with aspiration of content.

This method attracts many women who do not think that after the aspiration of the pelvic cells can again produce milk. And since the outflow of milk has not been restored, the cyst, with a high probability, will arise again.

Possibility of scarring of the cyst after exhaustion of the contents is very small, moreover, with large and superficial cysts, the deforming inner scar is cosmetic less advantageous.

The easiest way to make a normal excision with galactocel is surgically. In this case, the postoperative scar is not noticeable, and the possibility of relapse is extremely small. There is at least some possibility of independent drainage of cysts, but homeopathic remedies and herbal pockets are ineffective here. Moreover, the risk of infecting such a cyst at any moment should be alert to the feeding mother, forcing to contact a specialist, mumologist.

Galactocel: breast cyst
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