From aging dementia will rescue hypertension

My Theory On Dementia, Blood Pressure & Stroke - Dr. Eric Berg Dc (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

It is believed that high pressure is dangerous to health. But in hypertension there may be an unexpected "plus" - a decrease in the risk of dementia, writes The Daily Mail. The higher the pressure, the less risk. The point is: if the average person's age is high, it increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. But in the old age the effect disappears.

Discovered by scientists at the University of California. They examined the state of people without dementia, whose age exceeded the mark in 90 years. In the total complexity of the analysis were subjected to 625 pensioners. Their examinations every six months for 10 years. If the volunteer developed hypertension in 80-89 years, the risk of dementia was reduced compared with people who had normal blood pressure. And if hypertension was visited after 90 years, the risk was even lower. Moreover, the effect was not influenced by the use of drugs against hypertension.

Despite the unambiguous findings, scientists are urging not to refuse treatment of hypertension. Moreover, previously conducted studies, on the contrary, have shown that drugs for hypertension reduce age-related memory loss. Almost 800 elderly people, 610 of whom were hypertensive, participated in the study. The type of drug itself did not play a significant role. In any case, treatment allowed to reduce the amount of anomalies in the brain. Beta-blockers worked especially well. They effectively defended the brain from dryness.

From aging dementia will rescue hypertension

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