For what is "diabetic" required

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In cases where in the treatment of type 2 diabetes insulin secretion is required, it is recommended to take "Diabetic".

"Diabetic" is one of the strongest anabolic effects of drugs. In medicine, it is used to stimulate the work of the pancreas when treating diabetes mellitus of the second type.

Pharmacological action of "Diabetic"

Due to the use of "Diabetic", insulin release occurs. This is mainly due to patients who have retained the function of b-cells. Also, due to the beneficial effect on blood circulation, this drug prevents thrombosis. Possessing antioxidant and antiatherosclerotic effect, it is completely removed from the digestive tract. If you use this drug to stick to a diet, it will help reduce weight.

Indications for use

In accordance with the instructions "Diabetic" should be used in diabetes insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type. But it is strictly forbidden to accept it:

  • Severe degree of kidney and liver failure;
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis;
  • Therapy with miconazole;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type 1;
  • Severe infections and burns.

How to use "Diabetic"

This medication can only be used in adult patients. Within a day you can take the drug from 30 to 120 grams. The more accurate dosage is set by the physician and depends on the severity of diabetes, as well as on the level of glucose. The average dose reaches 60 grams, and the maximum can be only 120 grams. Take the medication only once a day during breakfast.

You can not chew and grind the tablet. Also, in no case can you increase the daily dose of taking the drug. If you need to increase your own daily dose, then you need to do it very carefully and gradually and, most importantly, not earlier than a month after the start of the drug.

Given the experience and rejection of other patients with this drug, a decrease in blood glucose levels is already observed within the first two weeks after starting treatment. If for some reason this did not happen, then you should review and change the dosage of the previously mentioned term. Also, the drug can be prescribed along with biguanides, a-glucosidase inhibitors and insulin.

It is worth noting that when taking "Diabetic" you need to eat well. And in no case can you go to sleep in the afternoon with the appearance of drowsiness. It's better to just eat something sweet and then everything will go. Be sure to contact your doctor if any abnormalities in your health occur while you are taking Diabetic.

For what is "diabetic" required
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