Foot pancreatic trauma: symptoms, causes, and treatment

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Ankle joints perform a very important function in our body: it allows you to move fully. But one wrong movement or accidental accident - and trauma of the ankle joint will disrupt our capacity.

Trauma of the ankle joint - this is a defect of the tissues of the ankle joint, in which their integrity is preserved. In our article we will consider the main symptoms of ankle injuries and measures for its treatment.

Symptoms of the injured ankle joint

As the main symptoms that indicate injury to the ankle joint, it should be considered:

  • Pain in motion;
  • Unpleasant feeling in a state of rest;
  • edema;
  • Restriction or violation of the mobility of the damaged leg;
  • Bruise on the joint.

After the trauma of the ankle joint, he increases in volume, and his cavity can be filled with blood. The accumulation of blood in the ankle joint in large volumes is fractured by the articular cartilage. Also, the patient may have other potential complications in the form of purulent arthritis, damage to the vessels and nerves, as well as synovitis.

This may cause an injury to the ankle joint

Ankle injury can occur in a person as a result of his unusual movements. The same can be seen in cases where the leg is turned. Also, ambulance workers often go to the challenges caused by stretching, full or partial lacunae.

During injury, a sharp pain begins to appear in humans, and when a strong stretching in the joint may appear movement. But they are very limited, because each time someone begins to feel pain intensifies. As a rule, stretching is accompanied by hemorrhage in the tissue surrounding the joint. Gradually, this blood changes its color to blue and black.

The degree of swelling of the ankle joint in case of damage does not depend on the severity of the damage. Sometimes, even during a bone fracture, swelling may appear to be less than stretching. If after an injury of the ankle you can not step on the leg or you have a sharp pain in this area, then you should immediately contact the traumatologist.

Treatment of trauma of ankle joint

To treat the ankle joint, it should be kept calm and cold applied. After injury to the ankle joint is applied ice for a period of at least 30 minutes.Noga should be in the elevated polozhenii.Esli this area continues to swell, then the ice should be applied for the same period, but several hours in a row.

Perhaps, with the help of our article you will be able to provide first aid in case of ankle injury. The main thing is: do not delay and start treatment at the earliest possible time in order to avoid complications.

Foot pancreatic trauma: symptoms, causes, and treatment

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