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What doctor does not dare to diagnose a disease at an early stage of its development in order to detect changes in the organism that lead to the disease in a timely manner? Early diagnosis allows most accurately appoint treatment or correct preventive measures for a particular person.

The most effective method of early diagnosis is the use of software and hardware complex R. Voll, which combines the most ancient doctrine of acupuncture with the latest advances in electronics and electrical engineering (see // for more details on diagnosis).

The main advantages of the diagnosis by the Fool method

Folly's method of medical diagnostics has important advantages over other surveys that have made it the most sought after method at all stages of treatment and prevention:

  • Minimum time for diagnostic procedure for patient examination;
  • High reliability of information at low labor intensity of the process;
  • Definition of preclinical manifestations of diseases and detection of violations in the work of various organs and systems of a particular person;
  • Purposeful selection of the most effective medicines taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism;
  • Possibility of testing different medical devices for compatibility with a specific organism;
  • The possibility of timely control of the patient's condition at all stages of treatment and optimization of the course of treatment;
  • Complete safety and lack of patient-age limitations.

The essence of the method of diagnosis of folly

Punch diagnosis Fole is a highly informative diagnostic express method, which allows you to get as much information as possible about the functional state of the organism. The first model of the diagnostic device, created in 1953 by the German physician Reinhold Fall, significantly differed from the modern models and allowed to measure the resistance of the electromagnetic fields of the tissues of the body in response to the external influence of electric current at the points of acupuncture.

It is proved that the influence of current signals on the points of acupuncture, in response to the reaction of all organs and systems of the body by changing the magnitude of its own electromagnetic field, which can be traced and recorded, which actually makes the device R. Folya. The reaction of diseased organs or systems that have a disruption in the work creates interferences and differs from the reaction of "normal" - healthy tissues.

Diagnostic procedure

The procedure for diagnosing by the Fool method consists of two stages, which are closely interconnected:

  • Determination of pathological processes occurring in an organism, and stages of their development;
  • Selection of the most effective medication for the treatment or prophylaxis of the detected disease and determination of optimal therapeutic doses.

The first stage is to look for systems and organs with disturbances of electromagnetic fields that create "obstacles." The most informative acupuncture points are points of average phalanges of the fingers of the inner surface of the palms and feet. A passive electrode is placed in one arm of the patient, and on the other hand the physician measures the BAT testimony with the active electrode. One of the conditions for an effective examination of a patient is the exact hit of the measuring probe at the desired point, which depends on the degree of doctor's training and his qualification.

The effect of measuring current on the point of acupuncture causes a change in the internal electromagnetic field of tissues and organs, which is fixed using a scale of measurements, which has a conditional distribution. Each device is tuned to a certain number of acupuncture points, allowing to conduct as much as possible a complete examination of an organism system.

According to the evidence of measurements, the main processes occurring with the body or body system examined are determined:

  • excitation;
  • Prearrhagia;
  • Inflammatory process;
  • Chronic illness;
  • Degenerative changes.

The second stage is the testing of medicines and external devices that have their own energy charge, which allows them to normalize the electromagnetic background of the affected organ during their use or use.

The most effective is the drug that maximally approximates the value of the LED indicator to "normal" indications of a healthy body. When testing drugs, you can immediately determine their impact on the work of other organs and systems of the body, which eliminates all contraindications.

Requirements for the survey by Folly

For quality diagnostics of diseases and effective testing of medicines it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions by the patient and the doctor.

Patients should:

  • Not to take physiotherapeutic procedures, radiotherapy, ultrasound examination and medication in the 3 days before conducting the follicular diagnosis;
  • During the day before the inspection do not take alcohol, coffee, do not use cosmetics;
  • Before the survey remove the metal objects (and dentures, if possible);
  • Put on cotton clothes and wash hands and feet thoroughly;
  • Carry out diagnosis on an empty stomach.

The doctor must:

  • Conduct diagnostics and testing in the daytime;
  • To ensure that there are no devices in the room that create electromagnetic fields;
  • Provide a comfortable wooden chair for the patient;
  • Wear gloves and a cotton cloth bathrobe to remove possible static stress;
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap after each session.

Modern diagnostic systems by the Fool method allow not only to identify the presence of pathological processes in specific organs, but also to determine the stage of development of the disease and the nature of tissue damage at the time of the survey.

Fool's diagnosis
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