Folk medicine in the treatment of arthritis

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Arthritis is a common name for inflammatory diseases of the joints. With arthritis, a huge number of people encounter each year, and if earlier pain in joints was mainly affecting older people, today the disease is significantly younger. Good results in the treatment of arthritis is given by folk medicine.

Arthritis is acute and chronic. It can occur as an independent disease or be the result of a transmitted infection, injury, metabolic disorders.

Drug treatment for arthritis

Treatment for arthritis is usually medication.

The attending physician usually assigns:

  • Steroid or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Vitamins

In addition, the patient is ordered to observe the diet, perform a complex of therapeutic exercises, undergo physiotherapy courses.

Folk medicine in the treatment of joints

Folk remedies are very popular in treating arthritis and various joint pains. Recipes of folk medicine are safe, do not require large investments and are available to everyone. Doctors often appoint them as an auxiliary, and sometimes a priority, remedy for arthritis.

Here are some recipes for folk medicine that can relieve pain with arthritis.

  • A tablespoon of salt dissolve in a glass of water. Pour the liquid into a mold for ice and freeze. The resulting piece of ice is applied to the affected area and left until it melts completely. Then wrap the joint with a woolen cloth for three hours.
  • Apply to a sick joint an ordinary cabbage leaf or burdock sheet. Wrap the wool for a few hours. It is advisable to carry out the procedure before bed and remove the compress in the morning.
  • 20-30 sheets of bay leaf pour 250 ml of cold water and boil in a water bath. Divide the resulting liquid into four parts, drink one part each day.
  • Fasting for two to three days successfully eliminates joint pains. It should increase the amount of drinking water to 2-2.5 liters per day.
  • Clean the beets and soak in a glass of cold water. After four hours add a teaspoon of dry mustard and salt to the water, get the solution to warm up and apply to the patient's place, hold for several hours.
  • For joint pains, physicians recommend that honey be included in the daily menu.
  • Facing rubbing helps to cope with pain. In a pharmacy today you can buy badger, bear, sulphurous fats. It is necessary to rub the fat carefully in a sick spot, wrap it and leave it warm for a while.
  • Eggplants help remove from the body the uric acid salt. If the cause of arthritis is gout, this vegetable should be used in as many quantities as possible.
  • Well established in the treatment of patients with joints various alcoholic tinctures. For example, it is possible to insert banana skins on vodka for ten days, to lubricate the obtained solution of diseased places.


Despite all the benefits of treatment with folk remedies, it should be remembered that the scheme of treatment should necessarily appoint a doctor. It is the doctor who will determine the cause of arthritis and select the appropriate folk remedy. Self-treatment can be dangerous!

Folk medicine in the treatment of arthritis
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