Folk advice: cranberry - a sore doctor from the swamps

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Cranberry grows shlichy shrub and belongs to the family heather. The berries are red in color, round or elongated, and taste sour. Gather the cranberry after frost and keep it in the form of raw jam or freeze.

She is one of the most useful wild berries.

Cranberries are used for the preparation of kvass and morsa, on its basis make sauces for meat or fish and add to salad dressings. Berry is a great filling for pies, a delicious cranberry jam. And what can be better sauerkraut with cranberries as a snack!

This is a culinary application of cranberries. But this berry is widely used in folk medicine through a huge range of vitamin components. The cranberry contains vitamins K, PP, C, B1, B2. It is also rich in organic acids, flavonoids, tannins, and phytoncides. In a cranberry there is even a self-preserving substance - benzoic acid. Therefore, it is stored for a long time without heat treatment.

And now let's talk about what diseases and in which cases the cranberry will save you if you turn to the source of folk wisdom. And the ancestors of the bad will not advise - they did not have antidepressants and antibiotics. For years and centuries they have been looking for medicines called, under the feet, to find, apply and pass from generation to generation recipes to be healthy. The fact that the cranberry contains tannin, our praprababuses did not exactly know, but intuitively used cranberries to cure female illness, to prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys, to improve appetite and at the same time secretion of the pancreas. Cranberries in villages have long been treated for colds and diseases of the urinary system - the infusion of berries has a diuretic property. And juice from the berries was fed with gastritis, when the acidity of gastric juice is reduced, with colitis. Ladies have long noticed that when they eat cranberry, they are easily lost.

Cranberry juice, mozz, tincture with honey are recommended for use in hypertension, malaria, rheumatism, vascular spasms, tonsillitis, anemia, headache and watery ones. Antioxidants contained in cranberries in large quantities, lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, good as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory drug.

Cranberry juice drink at a cold and flu - it lowers the temperature well and quenches thirst. This berry was taken as an antidote when it came to poisoning poisonous plants.

There are practically no contraindications to cranberries. Or it should not be used by people with liver disease, those who suffer from gastritis and high acidity, who have various ulcers.

Folk advice: cranberry - a sore doctor from the swamps
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