Flux on yasnah: treatment

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The flux begins with inflammation and aching pain in the gums. The cause of flux can be caries, a crack in the tooth, mechanical damage to the gums or tooth, inflammation of the gum pocket - a gap between the gums and the tooth. Often flux development provokes cysts. The disease requires medical attention.

If the flux is not treated, the inflammatory cord begins to tear through the accumulation of manure. When the hearth with an infection in the gums breaks out, the pus can fall under the periosteum, provoking inflammation of the bone. The flux can touch the facial muscles and tissues surrounding the tooth.

Symptoms and complications of flux on gums

With flux, the gums swells vigorously, the cheek also increases in size, the temperature may rise and fever begins. The pain becomes throbbing, it can be given into the ear. Chewing movements are difficult and accompanied by unbearable pain.

With treatment of flux on gums it is impossible to pull, otherwise it will not avoid serious complications, such as:

  • Abscess (purulent accumulation in tissues);
  • Phlegmon (swollen purulent inflammation and penetration of pus in the facial and neck sections, and then into the internal organs);
  • Sepsis (blood infection).

All these complications are quite dangerous and can lead to a lethal outcome. That is why if you had flux on the gums: the treatment should be done immediately.

Treatment of flux on gums

Dental treatment of flux in gums takes a short period of time. After local anesthesia, the doctor will make a clear gum and remove the manure. In the cut, if necessary, will be installed drainage - a small rubber tube for the outflow of the accumulated manure. If the pus had time to gather in soft tissues, for its complete removal the doctor will uncover them.

It is possible to use anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve pain and inflammation, which stabilizes body temperature. Edema may increase due to a cut in the gums, and on the third day it begins to decrease.

In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed. Drinking them should only be prescribed by the dentist and strictly according to the scheme.

Only doctor should install and remove drainage. If the tube pops up, you should immediately contact the dentist.

Accepting aspirin after an operation on the gums has been performed can cause severe bleeding. Drinking any drugs at your discretion is not recommended. In the case of increased pain, you should also contact your doctor.

As the restoration for several days, swelling and pain will pass, the incision will heal.

Flux on gums: treatment of folk medicine

  1. 1 tsp Soda and 1 tsp Salt dissolve in a glass of boiled water and cool. Rinse your mouth every two hours.
  2. 2 tablespoons Brew salsa in two glasses of boiled water. Rinse your mouth four times an hour.
  3. 1 tbsp Sage, dry mustard and blue-haired plain-leaf pour 250 ml of warm water. Preserve 30 minutes. Rinse your mouth every two hours.

When treating at home, hot compresses can not be used. Heat enhances the activity of bacteria, creating a favorable microflora for them, the formation of pus is faster.

Folk remedies against flux are able to reduce the pain in the gums, but they will not get inflamed, and the more they will not get rid of pus. Therefore, for the treatment of flux and the prevention of complications it is necessary to seek help from a specialist.

Flux on yasnah: treatment
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