Fluorosis of the teeth

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Fluorosis of the teeth is caused by excessive fluoride in the body. This disease afflicts residents of those areas that use fluoride-rich drinking water. This process has several stages and forms.

Fluorosis is known since the 18th century, and the "involvement" of fluoride in this disease of teeth was established only in the 1930s. The disease is endemic in nature (characteristic of a particular locality), when the fluorosis of the teeth is affected, the enamel, in which stains and defects are formed.

Causes and phases of fluorosis

As already mentioned, the main cause of fluorosis is the high content of fluorine in the body, which comes with ordinary drinking water. On the enamel of the tooth there are defects in the form of spots or spot, which is why the disease was previously referred to as "drooping teeth" or "rash enamel". In professional fluorosis, the disease is associated with the influence of harmful compounds of fluoride.

The fluorosis of the tooth has several stages (forms):

  • Initial;
  • Spotty;
  • Fine-dots;
  • Erosive;
  • Destructive.

In the initial stage, hardly visible white strokes appear on the enamel of the tooth. Spotted form of defeat of the tooth enamel is characterized by a smooth surface of the spots. At a fine-dashed stage, these spots acquire a yellow tint, rough surface of enamel. The erosive and destructive stages of fluorosis of the enamel of the teeth are characterized by loss of enamel, which leads to the destruction of the crown.

Treatment and prevention of fluorosis

Undoubtedly, the first stage of treatment and prevention is the decrease in the fluorine in the body. This will allow you to pause the fluorosis of the teeth. At the first two stages of the affected fluorosis teeth can be bleached, that is, equalize the color of stains and tooth enamel, or remineraliziruyut enamel (to treat the teeth remineralizing drugs). In the presence of dark spots to save a tooth from fluorosis you can, using orthopedic designs - crowns, ceramic veneers, lumines.

Given the fact that the fluorosis of teeth is more developed in children, to prevent the disease should observe the rules of balanced nutrition, replace water with milk, use products rich in calcium and phosphorus, since these trace elements remove fluorine from the body.

Defeat of the tooth enamel can be avoided by going to other regions to change the source of water. Toothpaste is recommended to choose without fluoride content, so as not to provoke defeat with fluoride enamel.

If you want to have good and healthy teeth, it is expedient to control the fluorine entering the body, use more dairy products, fruits that are rich in vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, to replace high-flavored water with bubble. It is recommended to help small children when cleaning teeth, as they can swallow a toothpaste at the same time.

To prevent professional fluorosis, it is necessary to eliminate contact with harmful fluorine compounds in the production of teeth, to pay special attention to the means of personal protection.

Fluorosis of the teeth
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