The five most common fall illnesses

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In the autumn, many illnesses become exacerbated and begin to erupt with specific seasonal manifestations.

For autumn, its own, autumn, diseases, among which identified the five most common. The most popular is cold, Which is caused by weather conditions - frequent fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, high humidity and bloom of viral infections. Often, the throat begins to sore, then a runny nose, a rash in the muscles, a cough begins. This is not a flu - it will come much later. This is a common cold - acute respiratory viral infections, which is most commonly caused by various viruses and causes significant harm - up to 93% of all infectious diseases account for this disease.

In this case, the sick person should not lie on antibiotics - they only disrupt the intestinal environment, and viruses will not defeat. Ukrainians are traditionally treated with honey, tea with raspberry, lemon, garlic. Proven medicine considers the minimal effect of such treatment. But the benefit of taking vitamin C has recently been to cause distrust in practically all physicians - it has come out of confidence and its effectiveness has not been clinically proven.

In the second place of autumn diseases is cystitis - an unpleasant illness that is expressed in inflammation of the bladder. It has been noticed that women suffer from it more often - this is due to the anatomy of the female body. They begin to torture the pulling pain in the lower abdomen and frequent urges to urinate. Avoid this disease by dressing warmly and not over-frozen on the street. If the disease still happened, then without antibiotics can not do. It will also be useful for warm drinking, herbs such as martyrs and exclusions from the diet of salty, smoked and acute.

The third place is given Bone pain and joint pain. Particularly in the fall of this suffer the elderly. This is nothing but arthritis and arthrosis. It turns out that these exacerbations in the autumn are caused by high humidity of air when water penetrates into the tissue of joints and bones. To remove the symptoms of aching pains in the joints, arms and legs can be done with the help of heat, for example, from a clean wool scarf, as well as taking anti-inflammatory tablets and rubbing with ointments.

Fourth Autumn Disease - Osteoporosis - Fragility of bone tissue associated with calcium deficiency. In this case, the metabolism of bone tissue is broken, the process of bone destruction predominates over cystic formation. Very often, when osteoporosis, the vertebral and neck of the hip are broken. To prevent this disease, it is necessary to ensure adequate intake of calcium in the body, which in large quantities is contained in dairy products and vitamins.

And still autumn is inherent depression - Disease of elegant and wounded natur. In such a state of Boldino, Pushkin issued a series of beautiful poems. Depression is due to a decrease in the light day, when the brain produces less serotonin. You need to try to continue the light day - you can get up and stay out more in the street during the day. Put on bananas, dates, plums, figs, tomatoes, black chocolate.

The five most common fall illnesses
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