The five main causes of hearing loss

3 Different Types Of Hearing Loss | Ear Problems (Health And Medical Video May 2018).

The causes of hearing problems may include a variety of factors - illness, injury, genetic predisposition, non-compliance with hygiene rules. And now the most common causes of hearing loss that occur in adults and children will be considered.

The first reason is the ear sulfur, which can accumulate in the auditory passage and completely or partially block the movement of the sound wave to the tympanic membrane - and this is partial deafness. In order to avoid this problem, you need to use special ear drops that soften the sulfuric cork. Thus, the accumulated sulfur may even go away from the auditory canal or remove it from the doctor. Parents are not recommended to use cotton wool to remove sulfur from the ear of the child, as they can shift the sulfur into the ear canal or lead to perforation of the tympanic membrane.

The second cause of deafness is the foreign bodies in the ear which children often thrust off. Parents need to be systematically and carefully monitored so that children do not push into their ears various small items, toys, bits of food. All this can lead to a rupture of the tympanic membrane or inflammation of the ear. In adults, it happens that insects are in the ear that also cause discomfort, pain and may lead to partial hearing loss. In this case, you should always consult a doctor.

The third reason is the "swimmer's ear". This is a fairly common disease of the outer ear. It can be triggered by a bacterial infection that enters the ear with water while bathing in a bathtub, pool or open water reservoir. In this case, the infectious process can be quite painful and ultimately cause the edema of the passage. And this is a chance to get a temporary loss of hearing.

In the fourth case, the cause of hearing loss may be otitis media, which is one of the varieties of inflammatory processes in the middle ear. For example, more than 85% of all children have at least one ear infection and is the second most frequent cause of referral to a doctor. There are various forms of otitis media. Its causes may also be different, among which the most common - inflammation of adenoids, which is accompanied by the growth of bacteria and blockage of the Eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear and nasopharynx.

The fifth most frequent cause of hearing loss is the permanent (irreversible) sensory renal insufficiency caused by damage to the inner ear. In young children, it may be due to maternal maternal infections, lack of oxygen at birth or genetic factors. Unfortunately, sensory renal insufficiency is not suitable for medical treatment and the patient will have to use an auditory apparatus.

If there is a suspicion that you or your child may have some of the above problems, you should contact your doctor immediately.

The five main causes of hearing loss

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