Five destructive habits that harm self-esteem

Self Sabotage (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Undervalued self-esteem is the cause of many failures. Often, we believe that not too successful, not particularly beautiful and not so beloved just because they themselves have decided so.

How to get out of the area of ​​failure, told psychologists.

We constantly compare ourselves with others. You can try to surpass everything, but is it the right motivation? The purpose of obtaining a positive assessment of society - feasible, but false, and the result is short-lived. The important thing is not praise, but personal growth, what will remain with you forever. Compare yourself with the past, you will begin to notice that you are becoming more successful in both small and large affairs.

We constantly criticize ourselves. The desire for everything to be perfect, sharpen us from the inside. Due to our high bar, we lowly evaluate the results of their work. Since we constantly focus on flawed shortcomings, our "non-ideal", but "fairly good" are beginning to be perceived as bad. Make a service, leave your perfectionism behind.

We can not accept compliments. Often, this modesty borders on the elemental illiteracy of etiquette. But in any case, you need to learn to say "thank you", rather than be surprised or convinced that compliment you do not deserve. If you got it - then you are worthy of it. Try the most often to make compliments to others, and always be at the same time sincere, then it will be easier for you to believe in the praise addressed to you.

We are watching depressive shows, reading low-level literature, contacting negative people. It all steals our energy, badly affects our mood and does not make us better, and therefore it should be discarded from it. Every day you need to grow.

We too often say no, we refuse to be really interested in us. No matter how terrible it is, it is necessary to start accepting offers of fate, otherwise it is impossible to move from dead point.

Five destructive habits that harm self-esteem

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