The first symptoms of a kidney: how to miss a serious illness

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Kusheluk often suffer from children and the greatest danger is the disease affects the youngest children of up to two years. Congenital immunity does not apply to the muffin, and even if a person has already had a pain in the pertussis, then she may become infected again. No vaccination against measles gives a guarantee, a person will not develop immunity to a pertussis, in fact, it is a temporary protection, no more.

The first symptom of a pertussis is a cough that is intensifying with each passing day and difficult breathing. Also, a child infected with pertussis, may feel weak, begin to cheer and it raises body temperature, then gradually with a weak cough, a convulsive cough with tension, sometimes even vomiting, develops. The patient may cough so much that his tongue is protruding, the tongue bridle is damaged and breath can stop, as a result - suffocation. Children who have been vaccinated against measles are more likely to deal with the "eradicated" kidney, ie, the symptoms are weaker and do not have such a detrimental effect on the growing organism.

Pertussis in adults is not accompanied by an increase in temperature and severe convulsive cough, mainly in patients with severe cough and bronchitis.

The pertussis sticks reproduce almost instantaneously, and as the pertussis in the first stage is difficult to distinguish from acute respiratory infections or other colds, the patient is able to infect all who came into contact with him all the time. Moreover, the infectious person will be about three weeks from the day she began to cough.

Untreated or not on time treatment for the treatment of a pertussis in children can lead to complications: pneumonia, hernia, inflammation in the brain, seizures, deafness, epilepsy and fatal outcome. Therefore, it is very important to apply immediately to a doctor who will prescribe treatment and will constantly observe the patient until he is fully recovered. Adult people who have sick of a kidney, almost never have complications.

Pertussis is difficult to distinguish from other diseases, only when there are characteristic cramps during cough, the doctor assigns the patient a blood surrender and according to the results of the analysis finds out the disease. In vaccinated children, it is even more difficult to diagnose this disease from pertussis and adults.

Doctors consider vaccination as the only way to protect their child and themselves from infection with a pertussis stick, although it does not give 100% guarantee or isolation from the carriers of this disease, which is not always the case.

The first symptoms of a kidney: how to miss a serious illness
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