First aid in the injuries of the head

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Head injury, perhaps, can be attributed to the most serious injuries, which, in the absence of proper treatment, can lead to significant complications. In order to maintain your health, you should be able to help with head injuries.

Any head injury, albeit insignificant, presents a certain danger to the person, his health and life. Therefore, head injury should be provided immediately and desirable to be provided by specialists.

Symptoms of concussion

The brain protects the bones of the skull, but they also act as a traumatic factor in damaging the brain. The fact is that between the brain and the bones of the skull is a cerebral membrane and a special liquid called liquor. It is the liquor capable of repainting the inertial movement of the brain in the event of a sharp blow.

But not every blow ends safely. In some cases, head injuries need help, as the patient may get concussion. In order for you to identify a person with a head injured brain and give him the first medical care, you should know the most important symptoms:

  • vomit;
  • dizziness;
  • Pain in the head;
  • Pallor of the skin;
  • The appearance of cold sweat;
  • Short-term loss of consciousness or fainting.

In the most severe cases, people who need help after a traumatic injury to the cranium can cause a disruption of heart activity and respiration. In such cases, first aid for head injury will be in the massage of the heart and artificial respiration.

How to provide first aid for head injuries

If the victim is in an unconscious state, first of all, be sure to have a pulse or breath. If they are missing-do artificial respiration. If breathing and pulse are present, then the person should be put aside and call for emergency medical assistance after that.

If there is a wound on the head after the impact, it should be greased around iodine or green. After this, a gauze band is applied to the wound and the entire head is tied up. It should be especially careful, especially if you assume that a person could get a fracture of the skull bones.

In the presence of pieces of metal, bones or other foreign objects in the wound is not allowed in any way to remove them. In this case, severe consequences may occur, as the victim may experience tissue damage and excessive bleeding.

Therefore, if you are helping someone who has suffered head injuries, then you should remember that you can not worry about it at all. It's best if you get emergency help as soon as possible. Qualified specialists will be able to determine on a place the degree of injury and the measures needed in the first place.

First aid in the injuries of the head

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