Fertilization ivf - a healthy mother healthy baby

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Motherhood is one of the most precious gifts of nature, and even if a woman can not conceive a child in a natural way, modern Clinic IVF Will provide all possible chances to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.

Confidence in your strength and desire - that's all that is necessary before you turn to a doctor.

For today Ukraine And other countries offer IVF as the most effective and effective method of treatment of infertility.

Cost of IVF Consists of several factors, the most important of which, according to many experts, is a primary examination in order to identify the causes of infertility. Often, women who apply to the clinic, undergo a full course of diagnosis and further treatment, can get pregnant without extracorporal fertilization, so the initial diagnosis is very important and necessary. The most complete information on the cost of the IVF procedure can be found at //mdclinics.com/ru/ceny/. Over time, the whole process of IVF takes about two months, throughout the time with a woman working high-quality specialists and the capabilities of modern equipment is virtually limitless.

IVF procedure - from first to last step

In fact, experts all the process of IVF is divided into six stages, the cost of each of which depends on factors such as age, state of health of the couple:

  • The initial stage is a full course of examination, from blood tests to genetic studies, ultrasound, hormonal testing, hepatitis and other tests;
  • Superovulation - taking a woman with hormonal drugs prescribed by a doctor. Medicines stimulate the formation of eggs, the duration of the dosing period - up to two weeks, parallel ultrasound and hormonal studies;
  • Extraction of mature eggs - a puncture of the follicles, the procedure is painless, since it is carried out under anesthesia, the period of conducting and resting the patient is up to 7-8 hours, after which it is possible to go home;
  • Fertilization - female eggs are fertilized by sperm donor/male, each egg is then grown in a separate thermostat, and in the process of growth non-viable eggs are removed. This work is done by physicians-embryologists, selected embryos are necessarily checked for chromosomal diseases or genetic abnormalities;
  • Transplantation of embryos to a woman - the procedure is carried out approximately on the 5th day after fertilization; the pair determines how many embryos will be planted. The procedure takes a few minutes and is absolutely painless. Most often thanks to the addition of several embryos, the couple are happy parents of the twin, and even triplets.

The sixth and happiest final stage is pregnancy, which at an early stage is supported by medicines. Since both diagnosis and infertility treatments are constantly being improved, women who seek help receive a huge chance to get pregnant, to deliver and to give birth to a completely healthy child.

Fertilization ivf - a healthy mother healthy baby
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