Female cancer: basic types and diagnosis

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According to statistics, women are slightly more likely than men to suffer from cancer - in percentage terms this represents 53% of women vs. 47% men.

Women also meet the specific cancer, which for obvious reasons is impossible for men. This is a cancer of the ovaries, the cervix or the body of the uterus, breast cancer.

In addition, women can suffer from such cancers as cancerous lesions of the large intestine, the skin of the gall bladder and liver ducts. Also, often they may occur pancreatic cancer, blood and lymphatic system, kidneys and liver. But the lungs and stomach in women are less affected than men.

Female Cancer: The Most Common Disease

The most common types of cancer that women may suffer are diseases such as:

  • Breast cancer (mammary gland), breast cancer
  • Uterine body cancer (endometrium),
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Urogenital cancer

Symptoms of Cancer

Although each type of cancer has its own specific features, for all of them there are general signs that indicate the probability of certain types of cancer tumors. Such manifestations should alert Zhenin, and serve as an excuse for her to seek medical advice and examination.

Female cancer: basic types and diagnosis

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