Features of summer insomnia

5 Seconds Of Summer - Amnesia (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

The heat, noise outside the window, anxiety due to a quick flight by airplane to the sea - as a result of sleep, as if and was not! How to overcome insomnia in summer?

It seems that sleeping for 8 hours in the summer is somehow wrong: I want to walk, work a bit overtime, play my favorite games.

It seems that you can even do without sleep - to be satisfied with those 4-6 hours, which still manage to cure a dream.

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Gradually there are minor mistakes: it was not at that stop, confused reports - with whom does not happen. Soon, these errors become more and more, people can not concentrate on work, there are headaches. A climax of all these phenomena can be a strong physical and emotional exhaustion.

5 Ways To Overcome Annual Insomnia

To successfully fight the lack of sleep in the summer, proceed as follows.

Features of summer insomnia

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