Features of plastic brackets

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Sometimes a person creates an incorrect bite, which leads to the displacement of some teeth from their places. Modern dentistry for straightening bite uses braces, in particular, plastic braces.

Plastic brackets (orthodontic brackets) work very well with the task of correcting defects in the dentition. At the same time, they are less noticeable to others than metal ones. The dentist may well find the color of the braces so that it will practically not be different from the color of the patient's teeth.

Plastic Brackets: Benefits

Due to the material from which they are made, plastic orthodontic brackets have advantages over metal braces. These benefits are:

  1. Low awareness. Plastic braces are not as noticeable on teeth as metal. In addition, the dentist selects the color of the braces that best suits the natural color of the patient's teeth.
  2. Low cost. Thanks to the material from which they are made, such braces are considered relatively cheap. They are slightly more expensive than metal, but much cheaper than lingual, sapphire, ceramic braces.
  3. Attractiveness for children. Color brackets made of plastic are perceived by children as a decoration, not as a medical necessity. The ability to choose the color of the braces causes less discomfort when they are worn.

Disadvantages of plastic braces

Like any other brackets, plastic has some disadvantages:

  1. Low strength of material. Under external mechanical influence, plastic is easily broken. Also, the material can be washed away when chewing. Therefore, periodic visits to the orthodontist are required to replace the damaged bracket. Sometimes plastic is reinforced with a special, more durable material, but it slightly increases the cost of the design.
  2. High susceptibility of the material to staining. Plastic is very susceptible to the effects of various dyes, including those contained in food. Therefore, the owner of such braces should restrict the use of strong tea, coffee, some carbonated drinks, berries, fruits. Constant smoking will also help to change the color of plastic dental braces. Even if you follow all of the above recommendations, over time the color of such braces will change.

Quite often plastic bracket systems are chosen because of their affordable price and naturalness. The term of treatment with plastic braces does not differ from the treatment of other types of braces. The exact cost of such a dental structure depends on the complexity of the work on its manufacture and installation.

Plastic brackets can be installed, given the wishes of the patient and his material capabilities. Such a bracket system will correct the wrong bite and will help you at a reasonable price to achieve a positive result.

Features of plastic brackets

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