Quickly return after childbirth in the former weight possible

Lose Baby Weight - How To Lose Pregnancy Weight Fast - Pregnancy Weight Loss (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Most women gain overweight during pregnancy, even the most skinny girls manage to recover by 20-30 kilograms or more. It would seem that it is unrealistic to collect such a mass in 9 months, but the body of an expectant mother is arranged in such a way that all the products that she eats have a negative effect on her figure, but the infant gets enough vitamins and other useful substances. According to scientists, weight loss is easier than normal, since the body is not yet accustomed to such an amount of kilograms and is quick to say goodbye to it, only if you follow some tips:

1 Necessary to stick to the diet. This statement will positively affect not only the mom, but also the child. Correct balanced nutrition of no more than 1500 calories per day will help you to easily get rid of those gained during pregnancy in kilograms, normalizes lactation and does not lead to food allergy in a child. Actually, in the proper nutrition, the maximum benefits for a newly-born mother and all who adhere to it note that over two months after the birth of a child overweight disappeared.

2 Charge every day. Experienced mothers are advised to do physical exercises with a baby. The newly-born mother has no time to rest and sometimes even at night she has to wear a baby around the house so that he falls asleep. And motor activity, as you know, helps to get rid of calories, which in turn positively affects the figure of a young mother.

3 Walking walks Positive not only for a newborn child, but also for the figure of a mother. It is desirable to walk with a stroller for at least one hour, while not only need to stand in one place, but drive along the street or park. Walking has a beneficial effect on muscle and effectively burns calories, so if you do not have the opportunity to attend a gym, then you have an excellent opportunity to lose weight on the street while walking with your baby.

4 Home affairs In the newly-created mother, many tasks, she not only spends her time with the child, but also must maintain cleanliness and order in the house, cook food for all family members, wash things, iron them, and so on - all this is physical activity, with the help of which A woman will lose weight. Do not translate your direct responsibilities to other people and then your figure will be the same as before pregnancy, and perhaps even better.

5 Self-massage and wraps. Of course, a young mother should give at least 15-20 minutes to her body and skin, care is needed every day. Apply the cream and massage the "problem" areas of the skin, where cellulite or stretch marks appeared, and wrap it overnight from any recipe you like. Remember, skin after childbirth quickly becomes "in place" in the event that you help her, otherwise - it will freeze and become sluggish, which can be avoided only by the surgical intervention of a plastic surgeon.

Quickly return after childbirth in the former weight possible

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