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Faciosiosis is a helminthic disease, which causes bile ducts to clog and disturbs the work of the liver.

Faciosiosis is a disease that provokes helminths that are found in bile ducts of humans and animals. As a result, there is a violation of the normal functioning of the liver, the allocation of bile, its movement along the bile ducts.

The manifestation of the first symptoms of infection in humans fastsyolezom manifested in three to four months after the penetration of the parasite (worm Fasciola hepatica) inside the human body, that's when the worms reach their sexual maturity in the bile ducts.

Parasites block the bile ducts mechanically, thereby causing jaundice and inflammation of the bile ducts (angiocolitis), which ultimately leads to anemia.

Manifestations of the disease

Faciosiosis in infected people is manifested by dull pain in the right hypochondrium (the hepatic region), which can be leveled in the shoulder and accompanied by a lack of appetite, vomiting, nausea. After a short period of time there is a fever, followed by jaundice.

The skin coverings and mucous membranes of the patient at this time acquire a yellow color, feces completely discolored due to blockage of bile ducts, urine of dark brown color.

The enlarged liver becomes very painful when palpated, the spleen and lymph nodes are also enlarged. Patients also complain of pain in the joints, quickly lose weight, anemia occurs.

The disease can lead to severe exhaustion and even a fatal outcome. The degree of severity depends on the intensity of infection with helminths, secondary infection, the quality of food, the presence or absence of vitaminization and other factors.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis is based on clinical, laboratory studies. In the patient's bile, which is obtained by sensing duodenum, blood and egg liver dystocia are found.

Scientists have developed and new methods that make it possible to identify these helminths in the leukocyte formula and the results of serological tests.

Self-treatment of fasciolysis is unacceptable. It is conducted only under the control of a doctor who prescribes antihistorma drugs and will monitor the progress of recovery. If you seek medical help in a timely manner, many complications can be avoided.


Methods of prevention of fasciolysis are directed, as a rule, to a full recovery of the source in which this parasite is found, and are in complete deworming.

It is necessary to take measures to improve the territory, which leads to an effective reduction in the number of molluscs, because they are the intermediate link for the ingestion of helminths in the human body. It is also important to always take care of the correct, hygienic use of pastures, while drinking animals use only artesian water, completely eliminating open water reservoirs for this.

When carrying out the prevention of fasciolysis it is necessary to necessarily explain the need for thorough washing of plants, which were broken, bevelled on the banks of the rivers. In no case can you drink water from lakes, ponds, rivers.

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