Experts have named 7 home cancer-causing things

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Carcinogenic substances that negatively affect a person's well-being, are in large quantities at her home. Experts have named seven household items that are catalysts for cancer.

Toothpastes and mouth rinses - In almost every toothpaste contains fluoride and triclosan, which are toxic substances that can gradually accumulate in the human body. Also, the dangers to the human body are dyes, which in large quantities are contained in these media. Therefore, it is worthwhile immediately to abandon the toothpaste and rinse aid for the mouth and replace them with organic products or at least with the fewest amount of dyes.

Cleaning agents, air fresheners contain volatile carcinogens that are deposited on the respiratory tract and can cause oncology. It is necessary to abandon the air freshener forever, replacing it with a favorite essential oil. Yes, and detergents can be painlessly replaced with cheaper soda and mustard, which enjoyed the life of our mothers and grandmothers. When cleaning an apartment using detergents should use personal protective equipment and well ventilated premises.

Crockery with teflon coating - it's worth knowing that the smallest cracks in such a convenient in all respects dishes, can lead to the entry of substances dangerous to health!

Decorative candles, which create a cosiness and give beauty, are also dangerous - to add a candle of hardness in it is added lead. And this is a very dangerous product, which when burning a candle falls into the air and when inhaled causes lag in the development of children, hormonal disorders and many other problems. Accumulating in the body in a certain amount, lead begins to provoke the development of oncology. So it's better to learn how to make candles themselves - let them be not so perfect, but, at least, they will not bring trouble to your family.

Dirty shoes, in which we come from the street - after all, there is a lot of toxic substances on the soles that we put in the house, contaminating the atmosphere of the room. To avoid this - wash your shoes after each return from the street, take it to a special closet.

Plastic (plastic shower curtains, containers, bottles) - all of them contain bisphenol A and phthalate, which are toxic to the body. When heating the same curtain for a shower while bathing or eating in a plastic container, these substances begin to stand out in large quantities, poisoning our body. Especially you need to know that it is better to replace a bottle of drink with glassware.

Dirty water from the water supply - it has long failed to meet the requirements and can be considered drinking conditionally. Old plumbing systems generously share with water dirt and harmful substances. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to drink it. In the extreme case, it should be boiled, but it is better to install a filter.

It depends on us only how much we will carefully treat our health and the health of our loved ones - since removing at least these 7 things in the house, we will protect ourselves from oncology.

Experts have named 7 home cancer-causing things
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