Braces for rubber

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Today, many people who do not have equal teeth, tend to a beautiful Hollywood smile, using a bracket system to fix the bite. Therefore, it is not superfluous to find out what braid elastics are, for which they are needed.

Belts for braces in orthodontics are used quite often, as with the help of them in patients with braces the ratio of dentitions is regulated. Thus, their importance lies in the fact that they control the maxillofacial movement.

What are the braces and how they work

Orthodontic gums consist of elastic material, the walls of which are sufficiently thin and smooth, which does not allow to appear stings and tears. In addition, given the minimal contact with gums, they do not cause allergies and have moderate stretching on both rows of teeth. Only such a dentist can strengthen such a gum, fastening it to the orthodontic system for both dentitions.

With a braid elastic, you can move the number of teeth in the direction required for correction. At the same time, resistance to opening the oral cavity should not be created: chewing and swallowing should take place in a normal, natural way. If there are difficulties, then the dentist must eliminate these symptoms.

It is necessary to remember that braces elastic bands do not fix teeth, but just move the jaw in the right direction and slightly change the position of the dentition. Therefore, it should be known that in the absence of any reason for the erasers on the one hand, it is urgently needed to install it again or to remove the present, as consequence of this will occur an incorrect displacement of the jaw on one side and, consequently, there will be negative symmetry, which will badly affect the whole correction.

Rules for wearing braces

Braces are playing a very important role in fixing the bite, so that they serve the correct bite fix, and not hinder him, you need to know some rules for their use:

  1. Elastic should be used practically around the clock, except for the time of eating and brushing teeth.
  2. It is always necessary to have spare gummets at your disposal so that when accidentally breaking the rubbers in the mouth they can be replaced.
  3. With loss or weak tension, the gum should refer to an orthodontist doctor so that he picked up the required number of elastic rings of certain strength for the braces.
  4. If you feel pain in your teeth from the attached load to them, you should not refuse the socks of rubbers, as these feelings disappear after a while.
  5. It is impossible to double the amount of rubbers without the doctor's knowledge, as this can worsen the situation by preventing the movement of the teeth in the right direction.
  6. You need to change the gum every day, because they have the ability to weaken.

Thus, braces are important in the treatment of teeth and contribute to the rapid completion of treatment and getting rid of the bracelet system.

Braces for rubber

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