Equalizing teeth with kappa: benefits and features

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Modern medicine offers several ways to equalize teeth. The most sparing of them from the aesthetic point of view - equalizing teeth kappa.

Kapi is a special transparent lining of polymeric materials on the entire dental range. They practically do not feel human and are not visible to others. Equalization of teeth by kappa occurs due to compression, pressure for teeth.

How is the alignment going?

The best alignment results are achieved when small teeth are moved. The process of aligning Kappa (einer) is much easier in childhood and adolescence. However, it can also be used for adults in the case of unexplained pathologies.

Kappa is removable, it covers all teeth, transparent and practically imperceptible. It is worn around the clock, removing it only during eating and brushing your teeth. At some intervals (usually 2-3 weeks), the cap should be changed. Due to this there is a teeth equalization. At the same time the process turns out to be inexpensive, but effective.

When you can use kapi to equalize teeth

Equalizing teeth with kappa is suitable for the following cases:

Equalizing teeth with kappa: benefits and features
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