Epidemic of deafness

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Loss of hearing: causes, symptoms, treatment.

According to physicians, in Ukraine today, more than 13 million people have hearing impairment. Officially, it is estimated that 1 million of them are children and adolescents, but experts suggest that in reality this figure is higher.

As long as your ears are in order, they must be preserved throughout life. If hearing began to lead, you should urgently seek medical attention. It is impossible to shut up, refusing to communicate with relatives and friends.

Causes of hearing loss

Before loss of hearing (hearing loss) can lead to age, illness and heredity. In recent decades, they have added some realities of modern life, such as a number of drugs and the mass of sources of constant loud noise.

old age

- the main cause of hearing loss. Hearing problems are every third person aged 65 to 74 years. After 75 years, to one degree or another, suffering from hearing loss is already every second.

Scientists can not accurately explain why hearing rises with age. It's possible that our sensitive hearing aids are wearing out the noise that we hear throughout our lives. Of course, the role played by others acting on the hearing, factors and heredity play a role.

Loud and constant noise

"Kills" the rumor. There are professions where a person's hearing would be constantly exposed to noise that is harmful by volume. 44% of payers and 48% of plumbers suffer from partial hearing loss. Among others, too loud occupations: military, mining and manufacturing workers, agriculture and transport.

Even musicians are prone to risk of hearing impairment through noise. Some of them are forced to wear earrings to protect their hearing and to hear music without harming their ears.

Some medications

It also affects the hearing and the vestibular apparatus. Known more than 200 drugs, the side effect of which is the reduction of hearing. Among them: some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs, aspirin, diuretics (diuretics), medicines for the treatment of malaria and a number of drugs to combat erectile dysfunction.

Sudden hearing loss

- A drop in sensitivity of 30 decibels (dB) and more - it can take several hours or days. For comparison: the volume of the conversation is normally 60 dB. In 9 out of 10 cases, hearing is reduced only on one ear. Annually, about 4 thousand new cases of sudden hearing loss are recorded, but the reason can only be found in 10-15% of them.

Some diseases

Also, they can lead to deterioration or loss of hearing. Among them - cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes, which disturbs blood supply to the hearing. Otosclerosis and Menier's disease are dangerous to the inner ear.

Serious danger is experienced when hearing


, Such as a fracture of the base of the skull or damage to the tympanic membrane.

Hearing loss can occur as a result

Occlusion of the ear canal

Gray or as a result of action



Symptoms of hearing loss

Often, the hearing deteriorates so slowly that its loss for a long time remains unnoticed. The person begins to seem that the surrounding bubbly themselves under the noses, and when talking on the phone lulls the quality of communication. While he hears at least somehow, it seems to him that the rumor is in order.

In the early stages of hearing loss, it is more difficult to distinguish between high sounds such as children's and women's voices and sounds of "es" and "eph." Among other hearing loss symptoms:

  • Difficulty when talking on the phone
  • Problems distinguishing individual sounds over background noise
  • Difficulty communicating with the company when several people speak at once
  • The feeling that people speak illegibly, humming themselves under their noses
  • Problems with the understanding of what is said and, consequently, mistakes in the answers
  • Often you have to ask people to repeat what they said
  • Frequent complaints of the surrounding people on too loud sound on the TV
  • Noise in the ears (tinnitus)

Degree of deafness

Doctors distinguish several degrees of deafness: from light to deep. As hearing is impaired, a person feels more and more cut off from the world of words and sounds.

  • Light degree of deafness.

    In conversations one by one the hearing is normal, and when communicating in the company it becomes difficult to catch the language of the interlocutor through the background noise.

  • Moderate degree of deafness.

    You have to ask to repeat what was said during the conversation, both personally and by phone.

  • Severe deafness.

    Conversation without a hearing aid is practically impossible.

  • Deep Deafness.

    Complete inability of communication, if the interlocutor does not speak at maximal volume, or the patient does not use an auditory device or a cochlear implant.

Treatment of hearing loss

The choice of treatment method depends on the cause of hearing loss. If otosclerosis is treated only by surgical methods, the Menier's disease is sometimes subject to medical therapy. Antibiotics successfully cope with bacterial infections, which led to loss of hearing.

If there is a suspicion that hearing loss is associated with taking medication, alternative treatment options should be discussed with the physician. Timely treatment with a sudden decrease in hearing increases the chances of recovery.

Even having lost hearing, you need to learn how to live and work with this problem. Most people who have lost hearing may use hearing aids - but only one in five people uses them. Actually hearing aids are small devices that are fastened in the area of ​​the anus and enhance external sounds. True, it should be borne in mind that the sounds transmitted through the hearing aid may sound differently than in reality, so it is very important to discuss the use of the device with a doctor.

There are also technologies that allow you to individually adjust the sound for poorly hearing a person. Amplifiers for phones and special systems for listening to TV and radio allow you to use the desired volume level, without attracting the attention of others. Finally, there are cochlear implants, which were previously implanted mainly by young children, and are now becoming popular among older people with a high degree of hearing loss.

Life with Deafness

Loss of hearing does not prevent the establishment of bilateral communication with relatives and friends. First of all, you need to create good indoor lighting, and furniture should be placed so that the patient can see the faces of others. This will allow him to observe facial expressions and movements. Background noise sources, such as a TV set, are best off before they are needed. Finally, the interlocutors should know that they can facilitate communication if:

  • Be sure to start a conversation that has attracted the attention of the patient.
  • Make sure the patient sees their lips.
  • Speak clearly, but will not shout.

Keep hearing!

The incurable tardiness is found so often that it is worth taking care of the reliable protection of your hearing. For example, use the earrings in the zone of increased noise. Lawnmowers, grinding machines, vacuum cleaners and even a large part of the concerts sound too loud for unprotected ears. If it is possible - we must leave the source of noise away. For example, when faced with road work, go to the other side of the street or cover your ears. When working near a source of noise, you should discuss the safety of your hearing with the management.

Epidemic of deafness
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