Enzymes of the cliff

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Leading enzymes of saliva - amylase and maltasis - are involved in the decomposition of complex carbohydrates into simple molecules. Glucose, which is formed at the same time, is absorbed in the intestine.

The obligatory component of saliva are enzymes, which number about 50 species and belong to different classes. Among them it is necessary to highlight the main: ptialin or amylase and maltasa. Enzymes of saliva in humans are involved in the digestive function.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are substances of protein nature that accelerate the rate of chemical reaction in several tens of thousands of times. In the molecule of the biological catalyst, an active center is isolated, which is involved in the binding of the substance. In the enzyme name, the substrate, with which the enzyme interacts, is often indicated.

Enzymes of mixed saliva

Enzymes of mixed saliva differ in origin. There are three groups:

Enzymes of the cliff
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